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NEW!   The 2014 UPMASA STORY Video, View HERE

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Board of Governors – SAVE THESE DATES:

 April  25, 2015             BOG Spring Meeting – St Louis, Missouri
Frontenac Hilton in St. Louis, MO; $109/night (could be less, depending on occupancy; airport shuttle available). Hosted by the Southern Illinois-Missouri Chapter.
Here is an update on UPMASA BOG Spring Meeting:
1 – Airport Courtesy Shuttle is available: Just pick up courtesy phone..
2 – Available rooms for small group meetings: 2; if you need more let me know.
3 – Welcome Reception: 6:00PM – 11:00PM Friday, April 24.
4 – BOG Spring Meeting (7:30AM-5:00PM), April 25: Breakfast @ 7:30AM
5 – Dinner – Dance: 6:00PM – 12:00PM Saturday, April 25: ” Meet Me in St. Louis”
July 15-19, 2015         Annual Grand Convention  Orlando, FL

Register now to get discounted prices before June 15!

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UPMAS Schedule: Manila


15 – CME Program
16 – ?Golf
17 – Mass, UPMAS Parade, Pabidahan
18 – UPMAS Ball (Manila Hotel)


2014 Gala Pictures now available, Click HERE

A resounding success!   Thank you Southern California UPMASA Chapter under the leadership of Dr Arnel Joaquin, organizers Penny Jacinto and Romeo isidro and treasurer Rumie Su for a gratifying experience.   

BOG 2013-2014

BOG group picture:  Despite the differences, for the organization’s future, we hope UPMASA will move forward and be open to changes!

Onward to FLORIDA for the 2015  AGC, watch for announcements.

Visit Southern California webpage for details

Joining the e-meeting tutorial

Joining the e-meeting/tutorial

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