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BSLR Fundraising

News…January 12, 2018

Last night the Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee for the BSLR received the following email from Dr. Rene Mandanas, UPMASA National Treasurer.

Dear Felipe I TOLENTINO:

Your sales receipt is attached

Maraming maraming salamat at Mabuhay!

Rene Mandanas

Cash_Sale_1106_from_UPMASA_532200 (1)

Chair of Ad Hoc Committee responds….

Dear Dr. Tolentino,

I take note of your generosity and care for a beloved Alma Mater.
I do wish that the day comes quickly when I can pay my personal respects to you.
Utmost regards,
Silverio Cabellon, Jr., MD
Chair, Ad Hoc Committee for the BSLR





Pray Alumni that as You read word for word of what I have written that it is for a Beloved Alma mater

The UP College of Medicine began as the Philippine Medical School?. It was built in 1905 at the former Malecon Drive (now Bonifacio Drive). In 1910, it was integrated as one of the colleges into the?University of the Philippinesand was renamed to U.P. College of Medicine and Surgery. The name was later shortened to the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Its first Dean was Dr. Paul Freer, while Dr. Fernando Calderon, an alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, became the first Filipino Dean of the College.

The?Calderon Hall?is currently the main building of UP College of Medicine students.
The Fernando Calderon Hall is the main building of UP College of Medicine students. Named after the first Filipino dean of the college, the building was transferred from Bonifacio Drive to its current location in Pedro Gil Street, Manila in 1910.[2]

The Calderon Hall and the University of the Philippines College of Medicine was the only UP unit that was open and functioning during the height of the Second World War, to provide medical services needed during that time. After the War, the building was rehabilitated in 1951 under the leadership of Dr. Agerico Sison.
It is unknown to me when the Basic Science Lecture Rooms were built but after serving for so many years groundbreaking for a new Academic Center occurred on April 11, 2016.

UPMASA has committed to fund the First Floor Auditorium. UPMASA committed to ensure that Medicine is taught in facilities conducive to the education of the Filipino Physician in the modern world.

Many alumni have supported . It is my great expectation that every Alumni share a legacy of being part of a new edifice to enshrine a connection to a beloved Alma Mater. Every cent or centavo will count.


Subject: New BSLR/First Floor Auditorium

Dear Beloved Alumni,

We are going to have a New BSLR at our Alma Mater. Ground breaking will occur this mid-November 2015. The finish date is November 2016 in time for the 2016 Homecoming.

The new Basic Science Academic Building will serve and inspire future medical students of our beloved country. It will be a testimony to the loyalty of its Alumni. The whole structure and its interior will cost 180-200 million pesos.

UPMASA is committed to funding the First Floor Auditorium. The cost is PHP 32 Million. If you have access to the Internet visit at:

This is our Alma Mater. We appeal to your generosity. UPMASA will acknowledge your donation to the First Floor Auditorium with your names enshrined with the the following named plaques.

  • Platinum ? $10,000 or more
  • Gold ? $5000 to $9999
  • Silver- $1000 to $4999
  • Bronze ? $500 to $999


  1. The above scheme is for a single individual donating the entire respective amount.
  2. That Classes, Chapters,and other Groups shall have only the name of their group listed if???? their donation is made up of donations from individual members.
  3. Plaques will only be located inside the First Floor Auditorium

We know how proud we all are as Alumni of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Let us show we care and carry on this project to fruition!

Send your check to Rolando Perez, M.D at 717 Sherbrook Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Memo: For New BSLR/Auditorium or

When you send your deed of donation and write on it your credit card info and send it to Dr. Perez by postal mail or by texting to to Dr. Perez your credit card info at 240-476-9077 or

Donate by credit card at: (Indicate purpose of donation during Checkout at rectangular box – “Order Instructions/Comments”) or

Enclosed is a copy of a (1) The Pledge Form; the pledge can be paid in installments and a (2) Deed of Donation.


With utmost regards,

Dr. Silverio Cabellon, Jr.,


Ad Hoc Committee for the BSLR Project

Telephone 240 505 6665


Attached: Click Blue line to download to your computer then Print

(1) Pledge Form:?Pledge of Support for BSLR Project_08.10.15

(2) Deed of Donation: ?DOD for BSLR Project

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