Jul 05 2017

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July 2017 CME Topics and Presentations

Lectures for the following days are available below for download. 

The contents of the lectures are proprietary and owned by authors and are not to be used personally.   CME credits will be awarded only to those who are registered for the 2017 AGC (w/ CME credits) and duly signed in on the attendance sheet for the day.

July 13

Periorbital Applications of Botolinum Toxin

Impact of Sleep on Skin aging and other Dermatologic Conditions

ADHD: Mental Illness or Learning Disability

Bipolar Disorder and the Depressed Patient

Novel Treatments for Anticoagulation

Management of Cerebral Aneurysms

Pain, Palliative Care and Addictions


July 14

Making Children Happier and Smarter

HIV/AIDS in the Philippines

The Dengue Vaccine

Personalized Approach in Cancer Using Molecular Markers

Sleep Disorder: The Rhythm of Life

Treatment of Diabetes after Metformin

Atrial Fibrillation Management: Drugs vs Ablation, Cryo vs RF, and Warfarin vs NOAC

Spine Surgeries: When Not to Operate

Evidence-based Emergency Planning during Disasters

Herbal Medications and Alternative Medical Treatments


July 15

Patient Safety in the Philippines

Most Common Lawsuits Against Physicians

What is Medical Misconduct?

Responding to Fraud and Abuse Investigations

Reaching the Golden Ring: Preparing for Retirement in the USA

The Philippine Health System in 2042

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