Sep 18 2017

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PGH MFI Century Club

 An Appeal To Join the PGH MFI Century Club to Benefit Our Indigent PGH Patients


Dear Fellow UPMASANS,

In behalf of our indigent PGH patients who are usually the poorest of our poor, I would like to request for your membership in the PGH MFI Century Club. This is a follow-up of the appeal letter signed by Dr. Gana, President and Dr. Alvior, Chairman, of the PGH Medical Foundation, Inc. (PGH MFI) distributed  on July 14th at the Alumni Luncheon and Business Meeting at the UPMASA AGC in Albany, NY.

The PGH MFI Century Club was created on July 2, 2015 by the PGH Medical Foundation Inc. to ensure the availability of funds to help the indigent patients meet their financial needs. As you know, at the PGH, basically only the board and lodging, basic/routine lab tests and xrays and physician services are free. The patient is responsible financially for  non-formulary medications, surgical dressings, special diagnostic exams such as CT scans and MRI and special diagnostic exams done outside of the PGH. They also have to pay for special equipments  rented from  third party providers such as a ventilator from  Equilife. PhilHealth  provides financial assistance only at the patient’s discharge from the hospital so it does not help the patient??s needs while receiving treatment during the hospital stay.  It is not unusual for our  resident  physicians to donate their own money and help raise funds  just so their patient can get a timely treatment or diagnostic test and prevent any delay which may lead to unwanted consequences. PGH  Director Dr. Gerardo Legaspi said that presently with the donation of 100 milion pesos from Pres. Duterte, all medications, supplies and diagnostic tests done in the PGH are free to the patient; tests done outside of the PGH still has to be paid by the patient. No one knows how long this political donation will last, however, hence our need to promote the PGH MFI Century Fund. (This is the email of Dr. Legaspi on this matter on 10/22/17= From: Office of the Director UP PGH <od.uppgh@up.edu.ph>.To: Greg Mariano <gmarianojrupcm62@gmail.com>. Dear Dr. Mariano, I have always marveled at the generosity of our alumni and am really grateful that you have endowed so much help to PGH.  I understand the ambivalence that some of the donors had upon hearing the news that PGH is “awash” with money.  Even if all of those funds come they will still be not enough to sustain the kind of medical care we envision for our patients, that of high quality and uninterrupted.  The private donations take care of ensuring that there is continuity of support for patient needs because there is an unpredictable period on when the next allotment will come, if ever it will come, from DOH or the Office of the President. In fact after the first P 100M from the office of the President, which we consumed in 4 months ending last July, the supposedly monthly replenishment has not come yet because we still are trying to comply with the liquidation requirements of the President’s finance personnel. It has been almost 2 months now since we submitted our liquidation report but so far we are still being required to give more supporting papers. Every bit of assistance will help.  Our patients have barely anything to spend from out of their pockets and assistance like those given by the PGHMFI really go a long way in ensuring continuity of their care. There is uncertainty in the flow of these funds. Sincerely, Gap)

The PGH Medical Foundation, Inc., is a non-stock, non-profit, SEC registered (Registration # A199714074) private organization which serves as an official fund-raising arm of the PGH with donations coming from various civic-minded individuals, corporations, foundations  and other funding agencies .It also engages in various fund raising activities throughout the year.  It is certified by the Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) and is a registered Donee Institution by the BIR which allows it to issue tax credits to all its donors; its registration number is 126-2012 issued on Dec. 10, 2012. Since it started operational in 2002, its flagship project has been the Charity Patients Medical Funds which  assists  indigent  patients  at  the PGH with their financial needs for payment  of  medications, special laboratory tests and other medical needs not provided for free at the PGH.  They also finance other projects  in the PGH  which  involve  infrastructure development,  provision  for  equipment  and  supply  and  training  and  research. It is a community of volunteers. None of its officers, trustees and Executive Committee members receive any compensation. It continues to have only three paid employees with monthly salaries ranging from P15,000 to P20,000.  Ms. Linda Cambia is now the new Executive Director, replacing Dr. Dione Suter who is now the the Vice Chair for the Dept. of Pay Patient Services at the PGH. For more information on the PGH MFI, please visit their website at http://pghmedfoundation.com/;  there is a section in the website about the PGH MFI Century Club as well as the Charity Patients Medical Assistance Program with a financial statement summary.

Following the initial  $ 41,254.37 USD  donation of Dr. Jocelyn Corre-Orig, UPCM ??86, to jump start the PGH MFI Century Club, 61 donors have now joined the club through UPMASA as of 8/18/17 for a total donation of $30,100. We need lots lots more, hence this appeal. Please join now and make this be your gift to our indigent PGH patients whom we owe a certain debt of gratitude although the benefit was certainly mutual.

All donations through UPMASA are deposited in the sub-fund in the UPMASA National Treasury Unrestricted Funds dedicated to the PGH Indigent Patients; remittances are then made to the PGH MFI following a mutually agreed upon protocol. 5% of all donations will accrue to the PGH MFI as operating expenses in the administration and management of the Permanent Endowment Fund and fiduciary functions of the Century Club; 15% will be earmarked for the immediate use of our indigent patients; 80% will be deposited in the PGH-MFI Century Club Permanent Endowment Fund for investment. Only the interest/investment income from this Permanent Endowment Fund will be used and shall be deposited in the Charity Patients Medical Fund, the PGH-MFI flagship project in PGH, and used strictly for direct financial assistance of our indigent patients in the PGH, not for administrative expenses, infrastructure, equipments and other projects of PGH-MFI. For transparency and accountability, the PGH MFI will send you an annual financial report on the PGH MFI Century Club.

There are now three categories of membership in the PGH MFI Century Club: (1) Core member- will make an initial donation of $100 or more and pledge to do the same annually, preferably around their birthday so it won??t be forgotten; furthermore, for perpetuity, they will be encouraged to ask their heirs to continue their pledge. (2) Donor member ? will make a one time donation of $100 or more; no further donation is required but they will still be encouraged to donate again whenever able (3) Lifetime member ? will make a donation of at least  $500 ; no further donation is required but they will still be encouraged to donate again whenever they can.

For full tax deductibility, please make your check payable to UPMASA and write in the Memo line: PGH MFI Century Club (and ? your choice of the category of membership: Core or Donor or Lifetime Member).

Please mail your check to UPMASA, c/o Renato Mandanas, M.D., 1 Mayflower Circle, Oswego, New York 13126. (UPMASA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Fed. Tax  ID # 37-1099415.)

Thank you very much.


Greg Mariano, Jr., M.D.

UPMASA Lifetime Member; UPCM 62

Spokesperson for the PGH-MFI CENTURY CLUB in UPMASA


Tel: 814-696-2978


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