Nov 19 2017

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Successful NJ-NY-CT Chapter and Class 93 fundraising event.

Successful fundraising event jointly organized by NJ-NY-CT Chapter and Class 93, Long Branch, New Jersey. November 18, 2017. This was first chapter established in 1982, they sponsored the first AGC in 1985, and the chapter with several past presidents, committee chairs, etc. This is my first time to attend their Dinner Gala. 

We did have a moment of silence and remember Mars Custodio Class 68, and Marilyn Aldeguer Resurrecion, Class 65.  Both recently passed away. Mars, a Medical Oncologist, retired in 2002 at the age of 60.  He is  well known to us because of his paintings, involvement with the arts, and his advocacy for the AIDs epidemic. He had been joining us with the UPMASA Medical Missions.  The last time I was with Mars  was last October 28, 2017 at the UPAAA dinner gala.   Marilyn previously chaired the UPMASA medical missions,amd  very involved with the Philippine Medical Association and the Anesthesiology Society.  She received multiple awards. The last time I met her was at AGC 2012 in NYC.  
Drive safely and a Happy Thanksgiving  to everybody !
Jun David

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