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UPMASA Journal 2017 (Digital Edition)

Mailed January 2018



The Fall 2010 Journal

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Downloads: [downloadcounter(Fall 2010 UPMASA Journal)]

The Spring 2010 Journal

Downloads: [downloadcounter(Spring 2010 UPMASA Journal)]


The Fall 2009 Journal

Page 1-32

Page 33-67

Page 68-99

Page 100-132

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To view the SPRING 2009 issue, click here.

You may also download the entire journal here (Appx. 300MB compressed file. PDF enclosed).


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  1. Francissy

    Dear Susan and all Associate Editors of the UPMASA Journal:

    Thank you and congratulations! Happy holidays!

    Francis Sy

  2. sechiverri

    I am sorry for the typos. More than that, I m sorry for the following errors:
    1. On page 19, the list of elected officers should include: Lou Publico, MD, elected as Auditor
    2. On page 104, the couple in the carriage are Dr. Richie Fonacier and his wife Dr. Luz Sison-Fonacier, both UPMASAns.

    If you want to leave a comment, please log in first at the home page.

    Susan Echiverri, MD

  3. loupublico

    Susan dear,
    I’ve said it elsewhere, i’ll gladly say it again here:may i express my admiration and gratitude to you (your editorial dream team) and Henry for a lovely Xmas gift to UPMASA.

    I love the journal, the website and the music.
    Happy holidays to the Concepcion-Echiverri household,including Shintaro (sooo discriminating),

  4. sechiverri

    For those who have read my editorial, I have a sort of a postscript. And the PS was never planned. I spent almost the entire Monday night the 14th finishing the journal. As soon as I woke up, I went back to the laptop, saved the file, all 4 parts of it on a USB drive and wanted Henry to bring it with him so he could upload it to the website later. He had to leave before I could finish though so I put away the USB thingie on my high kitchen counter. This is the same counter on which I leave stuff for “bilin” to my other household members. I went to work and on my way called my daughter Rachel (home for Christmas break) and told her my habilin: bring the drive to Henry. Rachel called me later in the morning while I was in clinic and told me that the most awful thing happened. Shintaro took the drive and tore it up into 3 pieces. He put the biggest piece back onto the counter. I think I looked like a ghost for a while there at clinic, on my phone just in utter disbelief. Fortunately, as we found later that morning, the piece that connects to the laptop was intact and so was the memory. Thus, we have the journal on this site. And I am back to being unpale. So, when I beg you to at least read part of it, you must understand, the journal went through a near death experience and I appreciate the fact that it got saved! And I swear this is true. – Susan

  5. MGYog

    Wow…132 pages. Read it cover to cover. My only question is……..where did you find the time? Congratulations.
    Bong Yogore

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