Est. 1985

Officers 2021-2023

President:    Homer Abiad ‘91

President-Elect:  Pauline Camacho-Almeda ‘94

Immediate Past President:  Marie Cleto-Quiaoit ‘83

Secretary:     Francis Jamilla ‘91  

Treasurer:  Ariel Porcalla ‘94




1985-1987: Juanito S Barotlome MD, ’60

1987-1989: Rodolfo L. Jao MD, ‘58

1989-1991: Antonio B. Cruz, MD ‘59

1991-1993: Erwin P. Gomez, MD ‘68

1993-1995: Edwin V. Palileo, MD ‘72A

1995-1997: Benjamin S. Baltasar, MD ‘60

1997-1999: Rene A. Florcruz, MD ‘70

1999-2001: Louis C. Bejec, MD ‘71

2001-2003: Matias Castro, MD ‘61

2003-2005: Rodrigo L. Farrales, MD ‘69

2005-2007: Daniel M. Senseng, MD ‘82

2007-2009: Henry C. Echiverri, MD ‘81

2009-2011: Simeon A. Sevandal, Jr., MD ‘72B

2011-2013: Cynthia Yango-Eugenio, MD,

2013-2015: Susan Echiverri, MD ‘81

2015-2017: Evelyn Taberrah-Lacuesta, MD ‘72

2017-2019: Manual V. Sarroca, MD ‘72A

2019-2021: Marie Cleto-Quiaoit, MD ‘83




The Chapter will be hosting the 38th UPMASA AGC on July 6-9, 2023 at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park.

The Chapter’s anchor project is supporting the Philippine General Hospital Pediatric Neurosurgical and Craniofacial Operating Unit.  The Chapter has also supported multiple projects over the decades including the following:

  • the National UPMASA COVID-19 PGH Assistance fund raising
  • development of the OstreaVent Adult Ventilator Prototype 
  • contributing to the Scholars “Pantawid” fund to help those students stranded in their provinces in light of the recent Typhoon calamities.
  • funding the Maggie Palileo proferrorial chair
  • support for UPCM schoal in perpetuity
  • contribution BSLR auditorium
  • indigent patient care fund (including $3000 towards ENT endoscope)
  • Southwest Chicago PADS (Pulic Action to Deliver Shelter) chairty to aid the homeless
  • support for UP Panhinugod
  • donation of teaching material for UPCM (eg books, CD-ROMs)
  • support for PGH Foundation
  • creation of 2 private rooms at UP-PGH

The Chapter is home to UPMASA NATIONAL Immediate Past President (2019-2021) Susan Concepcion-Echiverri, UPMASA National President-Elect and Past Board of Governors Chairman (2019-2021) Henry Echiverri, UPMASA Chairman of Medical Missions, Dr. Glenn Batiller, and UPMASA Chairman of Permanent Endowment Fund, Dr Mariano Yogore III.  Former UPMASA National President Juanito Bartolome is from Chicago.



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