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    Henry Echiverri

    Recap of 2020 Winter BOG e-meeting

    1. The minutes from last fall e-meeting was approved without controversy partly because of the excellent preparation by our recording secretary
    2. President’s Report contents became fodder for exciting mid-winter bleak discussions.
    3. Treasurer’s and Finance Committee brought us good news. The Budget is set. Total Assets as of the end of December 2019 is $10,190,722.20 an increase of 41.3% over our end of 2018 Assets of $ 7,212,784.25).
    4. UPCM and PGH Wish List.
    a. We cannot help but feel like we are being “milked” by Departments and leaders in the Philippines but upon clarification by the PGH Director, durable goods are subject to a long bidding process leading to delay of procurement of the requested items. He reassured us that with transparency, collaboration, and sharing of information, if “we give”, allocation of money will take place that will benefit the same Department (ie: will go towards the purchase of medicine).
    b. There were no specific actions made by the Board but we all agreed that the items in the wish list be published and disseminated and be adopted by Classes, Chapters, and or individuals who are willing to adopt them. One spin-off idea is the creation of a “bantay’s nook” in between the pavilions of Pediatrics where they can have a decent place to sleep, eat, clean up or just a quiet rest. This is a project worthy for class sponsorship.
    c. Cadaver Freezer at the College is very much needed. They do not have one that is operational at this time.
    d. We are going to instruct the Editor of ACTA Medica to submit to us a project proposal (via PCC). It should include lists of their available resources at the UP system that they have exhausted in order to justify why they are reaching out to UPMASA for support. Yours truly will mentor him on how to go through the process.
    e. We are going to instruct the UPCM Anatomy Department to do the same thing about the Virtual Microscope and Slide Scanner (which I am told will be used also by Pathology to collaborate with colleagues in situations needing second opinions). Alternatively, we would like to get any Class, Greek Organization, Chapter or individual sponsor this project. The cost is roughly $8000. Supporting documents available upon request.
    5. The Scholarship Committee of PEF under Dr. Henry Gan-Co will convene others to come up with the P&P on Scholarship vetting and tracking and this document in paper will serve as a template for our Internet Services Committee to create a Scholarship Work Collaborative Board to be accessible by the UPCM and UPMASA bodies to facilitate the work of keeping track that our scholars are properly cared for. It will also serve as a way for scholars to give us feedback
    6. The ISC under the new leadership of Dr. Henry Ty, is up to more functionality to make the work of UPMASA easier and more transparent and collaborative in nature. Awaiting the introduction and release of different functions on our website.
    7. We read the membership committee report and the cooperation of work between the ISC and Membership Committee is appreciated.
    8. Publications Committee will also move on to have a Journal Editor outside of the committee, not only to unburden the committee chair and members but allow them to focus on collecting and collating more materials for the consumption of the members. Newsletters may be coming as well as the journal BLOG will be resurrected.
    9. The Post Graduate Education and Faculty Development submitted a commendable report that led to:
    a. Revision and improvement of the vetting process as well as a more attainable tenure of the Visiting Teacher’s Program.
    b. There is a request to add P&P on the manner of handling Student Exchanges.
    c. There was a discussion to recognize and to recommend a workflow for the UPMASA members who are traveling to the Philippines who would like to give an hour or 2 of lectures or workshop to different Departments of the UPCM and PGH based on private arrangements. Guided by the principle of Collaboration and Transparency, it was discussed that these individuals should submit intended plans to the PGEFD Chairman along with the name and position of their counterpart in Manila. An endorsement by UPMASA will hopefully be an incentive to do so and allow them to deduct a portion of their travels from applicable taxes. It requires the lecturer to submit back to the PGEFD a short report of their experience. We will re-visit this on the next Face to Face meeting in Spring or the AGC. In our discussion, we have the endorsement of this initiative by our UPMASA President

    We should all keep in mind that the UP system has a set schedule already in place in their curriculum (for UPCM) and Departments (PGH -scheduled Consultant Physicians running the different sections). UPMASA’s program should not become “intrusive” to their set schedules, therefore vetting, transparency & collaboration are extremely necessary. Planning of talks is encouraged. It will feel good to go to PGH and UPCM with the stamp of approval of UPMASA.

    10. We got excited by the prospect of a UP Mindanao College of Medicine but for the moment, we are getting more details into this matter. What is important is to trailblaze the path of partnership towards UPMASA helping them get up on their feet. We can start by helping with scholarships at the undergraduate level of the current UP Mindanao. Our President will help mentor its proponent, Dr. Celia Castillo on how to request scholarship funding through our PCC.
    11. The BOG decisions Compilation initiative of Dr. Silverio Cabellon is going to be a treasure and repository of history and guideline decisions for future UPMASA Discussions. It is a work in progress
    12. The Southern Illinois and Missouri Chapter (St. Louis) is not fading but just resting. Thanks to Dr. Buddy Ligot, chair of the Class and Chapter Development along with Dr. Winston Umali, we are praying for a good report after the chapter meeting takes place in March
    13. Our very own battle against HIV through the Mars Custodio HIV Memorial Fund is going but we need nourishment for ammunition. We may be taking our battle at the trenches to a bigger scope by tackling the bigger picture. Maybe financing of billboards around Manila encouraging people to get diagnosed and treated is my own idea of Public Education. Where do they go? We continue to welcome discussions. UPMASA treasury will top-off the yearly fundraising shortfall of the target $25,000.00 We will do more write-up in our website and encourage the UPMASA FACEBOOK page to publish more relevant action items like these big HIV problems. (which brings me to a relevant future topic of our Facebook Presence and need to establish house rules on postings).
    14. The Medical Science Building broke ground and posts have been driven to the ground last December. Fundraising is ongoing and our target is to raise up to P50M (raised last Fall e-meeting) to fund the UPMASA Auditorium. Ed VA Lim PEF General fund transfer of $100,000 to the PEF restricted fund for MSB Maintenance fund is awaiting signatures of MOA and DOD still.
    15. The April 17-18 2020 Spring BOG meeting will be held in Chicago. Loews’ Chicago O’Hare venue. The Friday session will consist of 9-12 QB Tutorials to the Treasurers. 1-3 will be for an additional workshop and if possible, a walkthrough website navigation and perhaps a demonstration of the Workflow which is under construction. CME on Opioid addiction will follow at 3 PM and the additional topics will either be updates on Dementia by Dr. Patricio Reyes or Acute Ischemic Stroke by Dr. H Echiverri and Dr. Archie Ong. Friday night is a welcome fellowship night dinner. The BOG meeting will be from 7:30 AM to 3 PM Saturday. 5:30 PM will be UPMASA Chicago Gala Dinner fundraising to benefit their project the Pediatric Neurosurgery and Craniofacial Operating Unit.
    16. Preparations for the 2020 AGC in full blast. A second mailing of brochures upcoming and the deadline for early-bird registration is March 31, 2020.
    17. We have tabled the idea of the Finance Committee Co-Chair for future discussion.
    18. Because of the implementation of the electronic Voting for next year’s election, Dr. Cabellon reminded us to create the Adhoc Committee on Elections early to come up with P&P on conducting electronic voting.
    19. The Disaster Relief P&P is finally in place for guidance in our response to disaster.

    Thank you very much for participation. Topics are still open for your input for those who signed in late.

    Henry Echiverri MD
    BOG, Chair


    Francisco S Sy

    Thank you Henry for the summary and recapitulation of our E meeting. I have 2 additional reminders:

    1. Please submit your nominations for the following 2020 UPMASA Outstanding Alumni Awards by March 15, 2020 and send it to awardsUPMASA@gmail.com
    a. Lifetime Achievement Award
    b. Outstanding Medical Researcher
    c. Outstanding Medical Educator
    d. Outstanding Community Service
    e. Meritorious Service to UPMASA

    2. Please submit your 2020 AGC registration by March 31, 2020 (early bird rate) and reserve your hotel room at Bellagio. It is now 70% booked.

    Francis Sy


    Silverio Cabellon

    Mr. Chairman,

    If it is not done with pizzazz and oomph, it is not Henry Echiverri!

    Billy Cabellon


    Henry Echiverri

    Thank you very much, Dr. Cabellon, for the compliments. It is with pleasure that I serve UPMASA. If there are no other pressing matters, it is 3:09 PM in the west coast and I will keep the threads open for those who were late, and by general consensus and agreement, our e-meeting concludes midnight Pacific Standard time, I would like to adjourn the meeting so we can all attend to our own individual needs.

    Maraming maraming solamat. I will reopen threads for an opportunity of others who were busy to attend the meeting to give their last minutes 2 cents worth (remember: only 2 cents worth, let us all be nice).

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG, Chair


    Jose Lucena

    Thanks BOG Chair Henry. Will you share the highlights of the the above with the rest of UPMASA?

    Joel Lucena


    Read and appreciated .

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