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    Henry Echiverri

    Chapter Presidents, please give us update in your area
    Those with reports are already attached to the “sticky” announcements

    Henry Echiverri


    Henry Echiverri


    Chapter Officers:
    (716) 480-0201
    President-Elect: ANACLETO A. MANGASER, Jr., MD ‘72B
    (716) 984-9794
    Secretary: LOURDES FORLALES-CRUZ, MD ‘73
    (716) 861-6366
    Treasurer: HERBERT YOUNG, MD ’87
    (716) 688-4414
    Past President: ALVIN M. PANAHON, MD ‘67
    (716) 481-7250

    Board of Directors:

    I. Financial Report:
    Cesium Restricted Fund – $42,769.64
    Western New York (WNY) Chapter balance – $10,623.84

    II. Projects and Activities:

    A. The WNY Chapter officers and members had a meeting at the home of Drs. Norma and Alvin Panahon. I discussed the highlights of the recent Board of Governors (BOG) October 2019 E-meeting and shared our chapter’s activities.

    B. I shared the various fundraising activities being sponsored within UPMASA. I also shared the goals, activities, impact of those projects. They include the Operation Braveheart, the reconstruction/remodeling of the UP Los Banos Medical Clinic Project (Infirmary), the Pediatric Neurosurgical and Craniofacial Operating Unit Funding request, affiliated with the Chicago Chapter; the Mars Custodio Memorial Fund for AIDS victims, and on-going Scholarship Funds. Literature regarding the above projects was distributed. Each member gave their own opinion. The members voted for the chapter to support Operation Braveheart.

    C. I talked with Dr. Jess Socrates to get guidelines regarding Operation Braveheart. I also talked with Dr. Henry Echiverri regarding Pediatric Neurosurgical and Craniofacial Operating Unit. Our chapter has decided to send a donation to Operation Braveheart.

    D. I visited Dr. Florentina Carangal-Gutierrez (’55) at her home to confirm which project she and her family want to support since her initial donation of $10,000 for the Adoration Chapel at Cancer Institute was put on a moratorium. She and her son (Leslie) want to help the UP Los Banos Medical Clinic Project. Their donation will be transferred to the UP Los Banos Medical Infirmary project. She enthusiastically responded since they are from Los Banos. She and her late husband (Dr. Irineo Gutierrez, ’55) practiced in Los Banos. She cherished her fond memories of utilizing the medical services at Los Banos Infirmary when they were kids. She hopes to be able to see this project in full bloom this year, since she’ll be 90 in November 2020. Her son (Leslie) also gave the approval for this project. I had the donor sign, with notarization, the Deed of Donation to UPMASA and the Deed of Transfer on 01/17/2020. I got the guidelines and necessary documents from Dr. Geraldine Gomez-Pinder, MD ’71.

    E. Cesium Project – we continue to have restricted funds set aside for this project. I talked today (1/20/2020) to the office staff of Dr. Ignacio, director of Cancer Institute (CI) to remind them of their need to send their reports regarding the utilization of the cesium that we donated to CI. We have helped with the infrastructure improvements, donations of gynecological and operating tables, air-conditioning units for the brachytherapy ward, and continue to treat thousands of indigent patients with cervical cancer at CI since 1990.

    F. We welcome the return of Henry Reyes, MD, 2005 to Western New York. Dr. Reyes finished his residency in Obstetrics/Gynecology in Buffalo, NY for 4 years. He pursued his fellowships, got his Master of Science in Translational Bio-Medicine, did research work and specialized in gynecology/oncology in Iowa for the past 6 years. He currently works with a big private gynecology/oncology group here. He was once, past WNY Chapter president.

    G. Our chapter will be represented at the medical mission in Bukidnon by Anacleto Mangaser, MD ’72 and Dolce Sol Bautista-Mangaser, RN. They will depart on 1/30/2020.

    H. We are encouraging our members to attend the coming 2020 AGC in Las Vegas.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Norma Calderon-Panahon, M.D. ’67
    President, WNY Chapter 2019-2021


    Henry Echiverri

    Thank you Noy for the report. Mas malakas pala si Jess than me so sa Braveheart kayo nag-donate (joke only). PNCOU Donation button is open 24/7 in case you or members want to give.


    Henry Echiverri


    President: Felicitas F. Santiago, MD ‘72B
    President-Elect: Antonio Costales, MD ‘79
    Secretary: Joselyn Salvador-Sison, MD ‘05
    Treasurer: Aurea Andrea De Leon, MD ‘93
    Auditor: Ma. Cristina Esperanza, MD ‘96

    Chair of the Board: Zenda Garcia-Lat, MD ‘72B
    Members: Corazon Carillo-Cipriaso, MD ‘93
    Rebecca Acuna, MD ‘78
    Raymund Sison, MD ‘05
    Valerie May Gumban-Sia, MD ‘93

    Chapter Activities:

    1. December 1, 2019 – Christmas party in Flaming Grill Buffet & Restaurant. The chapter had a successful annual holiday party attended by 22 members with families. Exchange gift and a meeting followed.

    2. December 9, 2019 – Simbang Gabi sa Consulado. The chapter represented by Roberto Icasas received on 12/8/19 the Infant Jesus and Roy Guinto and Thelma Reyes endorsed on the sponsorship night. The fruit basket was offered by Joselyn Sison.

    3. December 14, 2019 – Philippine-American Family Community (PAFCOM) of New Jersey celebration of the “Pasko sa Hudson Mall”. The chapter assisted in health care support and information, headed by Roberto Icasas.

    4. January 26-31, 2020 – Philippine Medical Association of Greater St. Louis (PMAGSL) medical-surgical mission at Bulacan Medical Center (Provincial Hospital), in Malolos, Bulacan.
    Dr. Immanuel & Zenda Lat will be coordinating the participation of chapter members. Chapter President, Felicitas Santiago will follow, join and coordinate as needed. They will join multi-specialty alumni from other medical schools that include University of Santo Tomas (UST) and Far Eastern University (FEU). In the past, deceased UPMASAN Dr. Necita Roa, Missouri chapter president had regularly participated in similar medical missions.

    5. February 2-7, 2020 – National UPMASA and Ugnayan ng Pahinungod medical-surgical mission in Bukidnon. Several chapter members and past officers will be participating in this mission, including the following doctors: Dr. Zenda & Immanuel Lat, Dr. Bienvenido & Anita Jongco, Dr. Roy & Eustacia Guinto, Dr. Emelita & Manuel Veloso, Dr. Dennis & Mrs. Marlen Dimaculangan and other nurses, dentists from NJ/NY/CT.

    6. February 8, 2020 – 6th Filipino-American Community General Assembly at the Philippine Center in New York. Consul General Claro Cristobal of the Philippine Consulate in NY invited the chapter to attend (see attached letter). Required forms have been duly submitted. The chapter will be represented by current President-elect, Dr. Antonio Costales. It will be a whole day meeting that will review past 2019 performance and plan the 2020 cycle, in identifying and coordinating Phil-Am activities that benefit our local & Philippine based countrymen. Different alumni, professional and business organizations are also participating. The chapter continues to actively participate in numerous consulate activities.

    7. April 17-18, 2020 – National UPMASA Spring Board of Governors (BOG) meeting in Chicago, IL.
    Dr. Felicitas Santiago and chapter treasurer Dr. Andrea De Leon will participate in this face-to-face meeting at the Loews O’Hare Hotel.

    8. The chapter continues to support the Mars Custodio Memorial HIV Fund, created and chaired by past chapter President, Dr. Anita Jongco. Her status report is submitted separately.

    9. The chapter continues to identify and invite new members in the local and national levels.

    10. Coordination of responsibilities among officers have been on-going for stronger operations among them and the membership.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Felicitas F. Santiago, MD
    President – NJ/NY/CT Chapter


    Henry Echiverri

    January 2020 Report

    2019-2022 OFFICERS:
    President: Fe E. Diolazo-Festin, MD ’79 (508)269-2996

    Immediate Past President:
    Past Presidents: Aniceto Lomotan, MD ‘67

    Jose David, MD ‘83
    Virgilio Victoriano, MD ‘67 (518)429-9525

    Secretary Gene Del Rosario, MD ‘97 (860)830-8561

    Treasurer Alma Madriaga-Gonzales, MD ‘99 (301)542-4320

    AGC Boston 2022 Co-Chairs Henry Ty, MD ‘91
    John Capino, MD ‘78 (978)886-4344

     We continue to invite the younger alumni in our chapter to register as UPMASA members. There is a suggestion to consider having the national dues for UPMASA incorporate the chapter dues so that each member just makes a single payment.
     We are looking forward to hosting the 2022 AGC from July 3-6, 2022 at the Boston Marriott Copley Hotel. Pre-arranged rate of $179/night. We encourage everyone to save these dates.
    o Gene Del Rosario ’97 is the liaison for the Silver Jubilarians in 2022 and has been in touch with 25 classmates in the US. They have created a Viber group to start planning.
    o Danny Senseng ’82 has agreed to be the liaison for the Ruby Jubilarians in 2022.
    o We have reached out to Roy Guinto ‘72A, Thema Reyes ‘72A and Fely Santiago ’72B to help us connect with the Golden Jubilarians.
     Our AGC co-chairs have released the tentative schedule for the Boston AGC from July 3-6, 2022.
    Day 1, Sunday July 3rd
    Catholic Mass
    Lunch with Dignitaries from the Philippines
    Welcome Reception and Pabidahan
    Day 2, Monday July 4th
    Board of Governors Meeting
    Golf tournament
    Duck Tour
    Class Reunions
    Day 3, Tuesday July 5th
    CME Session 1
    Fraternity/Sorority Luncheon
    Class Reunions
    Day 4, Wednesday July 6th
    CME Session 2
    Business Meeting and Alumni Luncheon
    UPMASA Awarding and Parade
    Gala Dinner and Dance
    Postconvention, Thursday July 7th
    2022 AGC Organizing Committee
    Co-Chairs John Capino 978-697-6566
    Henry Ty 978-886-4344
    Chapter President Fe Festin 508-269-2996
    Chapter Treasurer Alma Gonzales 301-542-4320
    Chapter Secretary Gene Del Rosario 860-830-8561
    CME Program Henry Ty 978-886-4344
    Francis Martinez 413-306-8695
    Exhibits Alma Gonzales 301-542-4320
    Souvenir Program Zendee Elaba 860-518-4252
    Registration Edd Elum 518-859-2804
    Selena Cortez 401-323-5575
    Zendee Elaba 860-518-4252
    Pabidahan Richmond Ramirez 401-481-7821
    Alumni Luncheon
    Gala Dinner & Dance Fe Festin 508-269-2996
    Liaison to BOG Jun David 578-505-3252
    Liaison to Celebrants Gene Del Rosario 860-830-8561
    Pre-convention John Capino 978-697-6566
    Golf Tournament Vic Victoriano 518-461-9311

     Treasurer’s report:
    o UPMASA Upstate NY-New England checking account: $38,607.10.
    o Donation to UPMASA medical mission 2020 – $500.00
    o The chapter is also about to register as a non-profit organization in Massachusetts.
     April 4, 2020: Spring Meeting at Dennis and May Oh’s Residence in Longmeadow, MA
     July 2020: Members are being encouraged to attend the Las Vegas AGC
     September 2020: Fall Meeting at Kit Bustamante’s Residence in NH

     We are happy for Chito and Be Lomotan who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last December. We wish them many more years of a blissful marriage.
     Jun David will be giving Medicine Grand Rounds at UP-PGH on “The Opioid Epidemic in the USA” on January 31. He will also represent our Chapter as he joins the UPMASA Medical mission in Bukidnon from February 2-7.
     Fe Festin is scheduled to speak on the use of “Intranasal Esketamine (Spravato) and Ketamine infusion for Treatment Resistant Depression” at their VA/HMS-CME Grand Rounds on February 12. Spravato is the latest FDA-approved and most rapid-acting medication for depression.
     A good number of our chapter members are also active members of the Philippine Medical Association of New England (a 501c organization of Filipino-American physicians in New England). We support its local project like the PMA Wellness Program in Boston.

    Respectfully submitted by:
    Fe E. Diolazo-Festin, MD
    Upstate NY-New England Chapter President


    Francisco S Sy

    The Nevada Chapter continues to work with Arizona Chapter and Class 1995 as co-hosts of 2020 AGC in Las Vegas. 1. The Co-Chairs (Lillian Tocyap-Aquino from AZ, Jovic Ventura from Class ’95 and I) are in frequent communications via conference call, texting or email.
    2. The 3 Co-Chairs are going to meet in person in Feb.2020 in Las Vegas. We will meet with Bellagio staff too.
    3. In March 2020, NV Chapter members, AZ Chapter members and Class 1995 representatives will have a joint meeting in person at UNLV School of Public Health.
    4. We will make minor edits to the 2020 AGC brochure and plan to have a second mailing of the brochure during the last week of January 2020. The early bird deadline is March 31, 2020.

    Francis Sy


    Francisco S Sy

    The Golden Jubilarians (Class 1970) is organizing a Thanksgiving mass on Sunday, June 28, 2020 in a Catholic church near the strip. Other celebrating classes and alumni are invited especially those who are coming early. The check in time at the hotel is at 3 pm.

    Francis Sy


    Henry Echiverri

    Thank you, Dr. Sy, for the update.

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair


    Anita Ortega Jongco

    All chapter reports read. Happy to see many chapters thriving.
    At this juncture I would like to put in a plug for the MCCHIV Memorial Fund to all the chapters. No donation is too small or too big. If you can help just 1 patient ($200-viral load and resistance testing), the benefit is multiplied so manyfold! Thank you!

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