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    Henry Echiverri

    The 2019 Cotabato earthquakes were an earthquake swarm that struck the province of Cotabato on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines in October 2019. Three of these earthquakes were above 6.0 on the magnitude scale with a Mercalli intensity of VIII. More than 30 people died and a further 700 were injured after these events.

    NY-NJ-Connecticut Chapter headstarts the Disaster Relief with a donation. Please read below. With this, I will hand over the forum to our President who will run the meeting.

    Henry Echiverri
    Chair, BOG


    Henry Echiverri

    Email from Fely Santiago:

    PCC Chair Natl UPMASA
    Hi Jess,

    HTFI -Handang Tumulong Foundation Inc Pres & our Rec Sec Winston Umali mentioned to me about requesting from your committee the PCC Application form.

    My NJNYCT chapter on last night’s meeting arrived at a majority decision to help the victims in the recent earthquake in N Cotabato. The amount we plan to donate is $500 only. I want to use the process via UPMASA’s. I also feel that maybe other chapters may have similar ideas to send some form of help.

    Gerry Pinder who is also our local Finance advisor in such matter also opined :
    “You might like to coordinate this with National UPMASA so that the proper documentation can be obtained. For instance, you need a PCC application with the proper authorities back there in Cotabato to sign as an administrator to give a liquidation report on the monies donated. You also need to get the bank Acct to remit the monies to. “

    Winston mentioned Dr. Hilarion Diaz, Chair of Ortho in the SPMC -Southern Phil Med Ctr. He is also the Director of the Civilian-Military Reserve in Davao. I do not have his detailed contact file. Winston and he have been in contact earlier due to the HTFI’s fast relief assistance on this latest calamity in the region.

    Please advise on how to proceed via your committee. Others Cc’d above, including my Pres -elect Tony Costales.

    Thanks so much,

    Felicitas SANTIAGO, Pres
    Cp (516)-383-3923



    email from Winston:
    Dear Henry and Fely,

    As we discuss this, the situation in Makilala, North Cotabato is getting worse as a tropical storm easily ruined some of the measly tents and temporary settlements of the victims.

    Can it be possible for the Execom to discuss this and maybe set it as an emergency relief action similar to our response to Marawi and Haiyan?


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