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    Henry Echiverri

    OK, the P&P Proposal of Dr. Cabellon passes. I will restate it and ask everyone to take time to read. I restate Dr. Pinder’s modification of #6 item which is not controversial. We can then reply if you agree or not.

    DISASTER RELIEF Policies and Procedures:

    1. The Chair of the Medical Missions Committee and/or the President of UPMASA is responsible for the support of relief efforts from disasters.
    2. Their contact information including email and telephone number shall be published on the UPMASA website.
    3. The Chair of the Medical Missions Committee and/or the President of UPMASA shall anticipate the possibility of responding to disasters when a disaster is predictable, such as a severe typhoon, possible volcanic eruption or an epidemic.
    4. The Executive Committee shall meet in an emergency session to determine what kind of relief should be rendered depending on the nature of the disaster.
    5. The Executive Committee shall determine how the information will be disseminated to its members and other organizations; what can be donated; and how the donations can be forwarded.
    6. In the Philippines, the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod shall be the primary recipient of relief whether it is monetary or material in nature.
    7. Application for release of funds shall be instigated by the Chair of Medical Missions and confirmed by the recipient.
    8. This documentation will be coordinated by the Chair of the Project Coordination Committee. A contract will be forwarded to the recipient requiring them to submit later an accounting on where the money was spent.
    9. The release of funds shall be coordinated by the National Treasurer taking to account procedures conducive to the interest of UPMASA
    10. UPMASA shall maintain a Disaster Relief Fund not to be less than $5000 which can be used for emergency use.

    Dr. Pinder #6 should be edited to state:
    UPMASA shall enter into an agreement or an MOA with a recognized organization such as the Ugnayan Ng Pahinungod or other vetted non-government organizations and its Director to administer the funds donated by UPMASA for the relief from the disaster. The Director/Administrator shall be responsible to give a report, including a liquidation report with accompanying documentation, such as Sales Receipts and Invoices.

    I need you to agree or not agree.

    Henry Echiverri



    I agree with the motion with the modification just presented.

    As of 4:10 pm Pacific Time ( 7:10 pm EST), there are 17 signees on the attendance sheet.


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    Francisco S Sy

    I have read both comments made by Gerry Pinder and Billy Cabellon. I support the policies and procedures as outlined by Gerry Pinder. It worked in UPMASA’s response to the Davao’s earthquake.

    What is UPMASA’s response to the Taal’s eruption?

    Francis Sy


    I agree to the # 6 P&P edited by Gerry Pinder.


    Moses V. Ramos

    Moses Ramos


    Bienvenido Jongco

    I agree


    Henry Ty

    Mr. Chairman,

    I agree.

    Henry Ty


    Henry G. Co

    I concur

    Henry Co


    Jose Lucena


    Joel Lucena


    I agree with the modification to the P&P.


    Henry Echiverri

    I believe we can close this topic and move on. We have a disaster relief P&P in place.

    May I request our President, Finance Chair and perhaps Dr. Cabellon to write up an MOA with at least Ugnayan ng Pahinungod so we can bring it to the Medical Mission next week for signing.

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair


    Silverio Cabellon

    Mr. Chairman,

    May I submit our extant Contractual Agreement from the Project Coordination Committee that covers the accountability of recipients of UPMASa Grants. This will cover relief efforts to any organization including Ugnayan ng Pahinunogod. it is attached.

    Silverio Cabellon, Jr., MD

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    Mr. Chairman,
    Yes, we do have that template of Contractual Agreement. But first, the PCC application form must be filled out and duly signed by all parties concerned.

    attaching the form.

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    Agree with the modification of the recently approved P&P.

    I take note of the process, first do the PCC form then Contractual agreement.

    We are so lucky to have knowledgeable and passionate UPMASA leaders who know what we already have, what has been tried and what didn’t work, to guide us, the likes of Drs. Cabellon and Pinder among others. Thank you.

    Do we have a compilation of just forms and templates that we all can easily access?



    As of 2:52 pm EST, 10 agreed to the editing on #6 on Gerry Pinder’s modification.

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