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    I read the report and had submitted 2 articles in the 2 releases. Thank you, Guia and the team for putting up our journals.


    Henry Ty

    Mr. Chairman,

    The ISC will make the online Journals available to the general public.

    Will there be a consideration to transition from print to online publication?

    Henry Ty


    Anita Ortega Jongco

    Report noted. Received journal in good condition.
    I like the idea of Henry E. to have one annual journal but supplement it with quarterly newsletters.


    Report read. Reading thru the journal.


    Read reports and discussion


    Henry Echiverri

    Dear all:

    The Journal is a work that requires time and patience. I’ve lived through that when Susan was the editor. She was literally hooked on the laptop or computer all the time. What comes to us is a labor of love no matter what its condition is when it gets to our mailbox. Thank you, Guia.

    The question now is how can we help make things work better
    1) Ease the load by cutting it up to manageable pieces: instead of 2 major publication, maybe just one major publication and second, cut it up to newsletter, one printed and one online? Or maybe just newsletter na lang.
    2) Encourage the membership to write and publish: some should just be automatic – celebrating class required to give a write-up. Officers submit addresses. Chapters submit “balita” or tsismis!
    Running after writers would be added work for the editor.
    3) Resurrect the BLOG. We want instant MEDIA! in fact when we order in Amazon, we want the goods ASAP. The old membership who wants “hard” copies are dwindling. We talked about this years ago and I do not know why it went back to the Publishing again?

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair


    Silverio Cabellon

    Mr. Chairman,

    I wish to submit for the consideration of the Publications Committee a draft of “UP Medicine” a possible monthly newsletter.

    Silverio Cabellon, Jr., MD

    UP Medicine


    Lourdes Publico

    Report read.Thank you Guia and the Publications Committee for taking to heart the need for the printed/and online word to reach as many members and as often as possible.


    Chair Henry, why back to printed? Because I was told then.

    We may have older alumni who still prefer the print, and who are quite generous to our cause.
    We tried getting a list of who wanted to have a printed copy or simply an e-copy at the onset via blast emails. Only a few responded, and no updated mailing list was provided by the then Membership Committee.

    We also thought of sending printed copies only to the older alumni (I could not remember the cut off year) and the celebrating classes, but nothing came out of it, no mailing list was provided.

    Doc Billy, need permission to open your link.

    Thank you for your vision, suggestions; all accepted.

    Will share my experience with Publications, for your kind understanding.

    Thank you.


    Wow, such a vision for our Journal and Newsletters!

    Grateful for the Editor to be, now our Journals and Newsletters will be more professional befitting this august organization.

    Apologies from your humble chair.

    I was plucked by our previous Publication Chair, Pres. Susan, with me not knowing anything about lay outing, graphic designing. I simply wrote emails, letters, simple invitations for our gatherings. “You will be supported,” but of course, minimal support was available because everybody was busy.

    When I tried having the 1st journal done by a printer’s graphic designer, I read and constantly heard, and I paraphrase, “What is wrong with our young ones? When I was editor, actively practicing, raising children, I did it myself.”

    So I did it myself, learning how to use Apple Pages after using Windows based computers. Why Apple? When I checked with graphic designers what program they used, and if they recommend the program previous UPMASA editors used which cost 1K, all 3 designers said, we just use Apple. I was told by previous editors that they had to piece by piece lay out the photos, texts, etc with the program they used. Past President Jun David used Apple for his posters. So Apple it is. The running joke in our family is, Apple Care knows me by first name basis, because I was a frequent caller 😉

    Our first printer gave up because it was too large a job for them. I live in Waterloo, Iowa, population 67K. Neither Kinko’s nor the small town printer could handle the job. They referred me to our current printer, Woolverton, who did our city’s and surrounding communities churches’, organizations’, businesses’ printing. I used them because they were the largest and best in our city, and there was no one else. I support our local businesses because my community needs to thrive. Part of the delay was also certain articles had to be current, and were submitted quite late, and there is truly a lot of time needed before the final journal is completed.

    The typos and errors noted were most evident in my first journal. The authors and I work closely together. I read the pieces, corrected grammars, did the lay out, then sent the article back to the author who also reviewed their articles. We do this back and forth multiple times. We had proof readers but we were all cross eyed. Dr. Gerry Pinder became part of the 2nd journal who helped proof read. We are grateful for her service.

    Maybe about the 2nd/3rd out of 4 journals I was told we can have someone design the journal, but I am reminded of it when I am in the last phases of the process, and I was trying to save UPMASA money. I learned, and it was made clear to me this year, that the previous printed journals were professional designed and lay outed for 10 years…

    I am truly glad for the professional help. I will be moving to a suburb north of Atlanta, so surely, there must be better printing companies there, eh? From my understanding, I will still be chair, actively soliciting articles, keeping an eye on deadlines, but there will be an editor who will proof read, write editorials; a graphic designer who will do the lay outing, designing, etc. My profound gratitude. (Or I will simply lead you to dance if I am able to attend our AGCs.)

    Respectfully, Guia


    Jose Lucena

    Guia – many thanks for all the hats that you wear, including Dance master!



    Thanks Guia and the Publications Committee- enjoyed reading the journal!!
    Norma Calderon Panahon,M.D.


    Henry Echiverri

    The prospect of having an “EDITOR” is like working in the hospital Electronic Record and having a Scribe follow us around. It is a big relief to have so that the Chair of Publication can focus on contents, and timing, etc. Things that we talked about earlier in this thread.

    H. Echiverri
    Chair, BOG


    Henry Echiverri

    Guia; I hear and feel your pain and we still like you to do both: Chair the committee and lead the dance. I recall taking the helm of ISC and not knowing a squat about Internet and Web maintenance. I recall also maintaining and fighting hard keeping an old format website running on an old Word Press form, trying to incorporate every wish & functionality that different parties wanted. I endured some hurtful comments. To me, an attack on the functionality of the website became an criticism I took personally. As Chair of ISC, I decided to give this to an outside service, hence became our designer. All I do is ask then what I want or UPMASA wants done and they make it happen. This can happen with the Publication Committee as well.

    Therefore, I encourage you to continue to discuss and hence I am continuing to tackle this matter.

    Several points have been brought up to help the Publication Committee.

    Dr. Pinder recommended an “EDITOR” of the Journal. Is this editor from our membership or will it it be an outside contractor? This will really ease the work of the Chairperson bigtime (just like what I experienced), so she can focus on just contributions from authors and collating them.

    Someone suggested Newsletter format and frequency varied from monthly to 2 newsletters/year. There was mention of the old Journal Blog. I believe if we publish a Journal and Newsletter and mail them out, there is no point uploading the copy to our website. JOURNAL BLOG will take that role.

    Can we put any of these ideas into a motion for consideration and voting? or can we send it back to the committee for discussion and proposal next Face to Face Meeting?

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair


    Silverio Cabellon

    Mr. Chairman,

    I move that a monthly Newsletter entitled “UP Medicine” be generated by the Publications Committee and sent by email to all UP Medical Alumni and Friends.

    Silverio Cabellon, Jr., MD

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