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    Henry Echiverri

    Any second to the motion of Dr. Cabellon?


    For the information of all BOG attendees, I received a text at 5:10 am today from Dr Guia Razon Palma. She resigned from her position as Chair of the Publication Committee.


    I persuaded her to stay on Chair but accepted her resignation from the editorship of the journal. I am sure the Board of Governors are all thankful to Guia for the dedication and hardwork she contributed to UPMASA.
    For my part, knowing how challenging and arduous the work the Journal production entails, I can only say, I am very grateful Guia.
    It is my pleasure to have you stay on as Publication Chair.


    Thank you, President Susan. I am grateful and truly welcome our next Editor.


    In my haste to defend Publications during a work day,  I neglected to note that we had 3 major family health issues during the last 4 editions, all happening in Autumn, when Publications work is intense.  

    My parents, in their 90s, deteriorated in their health, were in and out of hospitals, worsened late in the fall, and eventually passed on. You all know how it is when your loved ones who depend on you are ill, eventually move on, and what that entails being their family.

    -My father in 2016, he passed away early 2017.
    -My husband Claro had a Stroke in November 2017. He thankfully recovered and is able to work.
    -My mother died in October 2018 when the Journal was most late. 
    Our printer had major personnel issues for this 2018 edition,  was very busy printing its year end work,  and had to outsource the binding.  
    But we had the Journals.

    My gratitude.


    Silverio Cabellon

    Mr. Chairman,

    The accolade that sometimes comes is enough to quench the desire to be appreciated. But to a Guia Razon Palma it is her inner drive, her sense of doing something for the greater good that makes one feel that the effort is worth doing. To this human being, I am very honored to be in her midst.

    Billy Cabellon


    That is indeed powerful and so so sweet, Dr Cabellon. I am sure it warms the heart of our dear Guia.


    Mr. Chairman,
    The tasks & responsibilities of the Chair of Publication can really be overwhelming especially for someone coming in “from the cold”, as Guia has attested. I don’t think the motion of Dr. Cabellon will help in making the job easier, especially if we tap an editor from our young alumni who are still in active practice. So, I won’t even 2nd his motion.

    Guia, thank you for doing your best in spite of all the odds & struggles along the way to meet the obligations of the job. You’re a trouper in every sense of the word!

    Do keep coming to teach us tai chi & Zumba to keep us fit! Lead us in the dance floor of every social event.

    Wishing you the very best.


    Anita Ortega Jongco

    I also want to express my gratitude to Guia for her service as Chair of the Publications Committee and Editor of the journal. As the class representative for our Golden celebration in 2018, I was witness to her dedication and hard work.


    Thank you for your work


    Anita Ortega Jongco

    Re: the motion of Dr. Cabellon for a monthly newsletter- that could still be too much to handle for someone who is still in active practice. Could we perhaps cut it down to every 2 months?


    Since there is no 2nd to Dr. Cabellon’s motion, I would like to put up another motion:

    I move that we put out 2 hard copy publications per year: 1 Newsletter before the AGC & 1 Journal in December of each year.

    As previously discussed, most of our older members still prefer the hard copy to read, hence the proposal to publish only 2 hard copies per year. Our younger alumni are used to reading everything digitally. We can put up a blog on our website every quarter & do an email blast to our members to access the website for more updated news.



    I second the motion of Gerry Pinder.

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