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    Henry Echiverri

    Do you know how it is, to miss St.Louis? (as in the song: do you know what it means, to miss New Orleans). I tried helping orchestrate the selection of a President of St. Louis Chapter, but what is happening to the Chapter may be a microcosm of what will be happening to other UPMASA Chapters. Let us brainstorm solutions now so that we will know how to react in similar situations in the future.

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair



    Who are the UPMASAns in St. Louis? We’ll be heading there on March 27-29. Maybe we can meet up.



    Pearl Ontalan

    Winston, attached is the 2018 member listing of Missouri Chapter

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    Mr. Chairman,
    Please elucidate what is currently happening to the MOIL Chapter so everyone can give their 2-cents worth.


    I do not know what is happening to the chapter


    Henry Echiverri

    The chapter’s President after our beloved Necita Roa passed, Dr Ching Redmon, resigned. There were no takers. Dr David Deloso was handpicked by Dr Redmon but Dr Deloso refused to accept because he had doubts he could do it and also that he had no mandate. They could not agree to a date to meet on this matter and so I tried to intervene by conducting a “survey” trying to get nominations.

    Nomination survey sent to 22 members asking for 3 names who can be potentially President and next President Elect. Only 5 responded despite 16 of them opening the email. 5 names came up for nomination: Dr Dauz who begged out, Dr Ching Redmon’s name came up (obviously some did not know she resigned), then 3 names were tied with 2 votes each: Marlon Torrento, David Deloso, Thea Patina. Looks like no one wants to step forward to become President citing difficulties with their time and work schedules.

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair


    Jose Lucena

    Can a Chapter be affiliated or merged with another? As long as the members are still willing to be involved in UPMASA, they may only need to have a representative in the other chapter. They won’t need a full set of officers.
    With current technology, info from UPMASA can be easily disseminated to the Chapter members. Although, I think there is a greater sense of community with the in person meetings and common activities.



    Your suggestion is noted, Joel.
    True story: One chapter was linked with another chapter a few years back. There has been no activity noted from the linked chapter. Invitations to the linked chapter did not provide more attendance.


    Will send an email to Dr. Thea Patino who was the secretary of the chapter as of 2018 to ask her about the Chapter’s plans. Per email from 9/2018, these were the elected officers:

    President: Dr. Redmon
    Vice President: Dr. Deloso
    Secretary: Dr. Chua-Patino
    Treasurer: Dr. Torrento


    THANK YOU, Dr Ligot.


    I heard from Dr. Patino, Dr. Echiverri. She is currently the secretary and treasurer for the chapter. She said she can send a mass email to set up a meeting in late February or early march so we can figure out the leadership for the chapter. Dr. Patino was very active with coordinating with members and new members.


    Mr. Chairman,
    We need to get the list of all alumni residing in the Missouri-Southern IL area, not just the paid members. It is very unfortunate that this chapter is becoming extinct. The Founding Father of UPMASA, Dr. Cosme Cagas belongs to the chapter & so does 3 other past presidents, though most have moved out of the State(s). We should find out if there are other young alumni, graduates from 2000 & beyond who can be recruited to become actively involved. It happened in Ohio & in Washington/Oregon States.

    Merging chapters did not work out for NJNYCT. We hardly see alumni from CT.


    Agree, Gerry

    Buddy Ligot will assist us in this.


    I have asked Pearl, our Admin Sec & Asst to retrieve the list of ALL members residing in MO & So. IL from our database & to submit this to Buddy Ligot. The 1st list uploaded here was the list given to her by the late Necita Roa as “active” members of her chapter. That is not adequate.


    Lourdes Publico

    Agree with effort to search and engage new and “old” members of the chapter.I fondly remember a Spring Meeting hosted by this chapter not too long ago.

    If Dr. Thea Patina is already secretary-treasurer,it seems Dave Deloso is the logical choice.He is after all, the vice president.
    If I am not mistaken, he is from class 87,was the silver jubilarian rep in the 2012 AGC we hosted in NYC.He struck me as being quite capable.I may have seen a recent picture of him with several UPMASANs including Dr.Cagas.Perhaps Dr.Cagas can give him the “mandate”?

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