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    Anita Ortega Jongco

    On the other hand, the Western New York/ Massachusetts is another story. The young Turks in the Boston area seems to have taken the lead as they joined the Western NY Chapter.We definitely should do our due diligence in trying to locate and recruit all UPCM alumni!


    Silverio Cabellon

    Mr. Chairman,

    When I was requested to give a few words to the Missouri-Southern Illinois Chapter at the Dinner Gala on a Spring Evening I said that one must shine one’s shoes, brighten one’s buckle and adjust one’s tie because one has to be in front of the Founding President of UPMASA, Past Presidents of UPMASA of the likes of Dr. Pardo and Dr. Feliciano. There were guests from Washington Unversity. President Necita Roa handed me several Apple Watches to present to her residents who went with her during a medical mission to Bulacan.

    May I share a report of Chapter President Antonio Portugal from 2004 memorializing their support for Faculty Development at the Alma Mater. It is attached.

    Silverio Cabellon, Jr., MD

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    Henry Echiverri

    Southern Illinois – Missouri Chapter must survive. On a happier note, we had a very animated conversation with one of their members, Solomon Apostol who was on a cruise ship somewhere in Borneo. He is doing well and is looking forward to playing Saxophone on this upcoming AGC in Las Vegas. I meant to ask him for help in getting the Chapter Elect a president but then I did not want to burden him and spoil his vacation.

    I believe a trip to St Louis to meet the members will probably catalyze a meeting and hopefully, that will trigger a selection of a Chapter President.

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair


    Pearl Ontalan

    Per request of Gerry Pinder, I have just emailed the Missouri/Illinois Member listing to Buddy Ligot, and copied Henry & Susan Echiverri.



    Henry, and Susan, what if we MEET THEM IN ST. LOUIS? I’ll be there on March 27-28 (Go St Louis Marathon). Perhaps Thea and Marlon can entice the other chapter members to attend a meeting and talk about their chapter. By then, maybe we would find some other UPCM alumni form the area to join. They’d have the President and the Chair of BOG to meet them.

    Just a thought,



    Great idea, Winston.
    Maybe you & Pres. Susan at least can visit, meet & greet.
    I can also ask Dave D’s wife to encourage her hubby.



    I received the email list of all members from Pearl. Thank you for sending them and thank you for having them sent Dr. Pinder. Dr. Patino plans to call all members to a meeting end of February/beginning of March to discuss the leadership. I will let her know of your planned visit for Narch 27-29 weekend Dr. Umali and see if that would be a better time for a meeting with the members and if Drs Henry and Susan Echiverri can attend that, that would be great. I will coordinate with Dr. Patino and inform her of this. Dr. Patino has been very active in the Chapter and there were several activities in 2018 – meeting and a prethanksgiving get together. there was an also an e-meeting in spring 2019. So it is definitely not a “dying” chapter.


    Henry Echiverri

    Dear Buddy;
    Unfortunately, that weekend we will be visiting our daughter in NYC. Winston is capable as the emissary of UPMASA. If you guys can orchestrate something then it will be wonderful news!

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair


    It sounds like a good plan, Drs. Umali and Ligot!


    Henry G. Co


    I know of 1 more UP Med grad not on that list – Lizette Uong-Tan ’87 (can’t remember if her real name is Elizabeth) who is married to Benjamin Tan ’90.

    Henry Co


    Pearl Ontalan

    I gave an updated list to Buddy which includes both Elizabeth Uong (classified batch ’86) and Benjamin Tan.



    I reviewed the list of UPMASA members from Missouri submitted by Pearl; On the list, I identified the following as having history of active involvement with UPMASA:
    1. Abinoja, Conrado- ’64- often attended AGC with his wife and their son
    2. Albano,Benjamin- Past UPMASA president- now retired and residing at Estero,Floredo- 15-20 minutes from our Florida place
    3. Apostol,Solomon- member of the Phi band- often played during AGC events
    4. Bernabe-Chu,Anita-’72- were frequent “dancing stars” during AGC,like Perezes- though she’s now a widow. She will be golden jubilarian during Boston AGC.
    5. Cagas,Cosme- founding father of UPMASA- let’s inspire him to give CPR to his chapter
    6. Canlas, Mario ’67- I managed to encourage him to attend AGC first time in Buffalo in2000. I think he’s a contributor to the Operation Wildfire- sending nowadays communications to ’67 Tidbits
    7. Dauz,Urbano-’66- occasional attendee at AGC- but part of ;66 who holds their own reunion separate from AGC.
    8. DeCastro-Redmon, Ching- former PEFCHAIR- from Los Banos-might be encourage to help with UP Los Banos infirmary project\
    9. Dimalanta-Lacson,Leticia ’65- based in Ft. Myers,Florida- her husband used to invite Alvin et al for golf
    10 Garcia, Casimiro
    11. Gonzales-Pardo,Lillian- former Chairman of the BOG- husband is a brother oflate Dr. Leo Pardo(was active before)
    12. Maminta,Napoleon- used to be an active critique and commentator at our e-mail.Hosted the BOG for dinner at the Maminta household
    13. Nieva, Delfin ’67- keeps in contact with us -for medical consultation- can be persuaded to participate
    14. Racela- started PEF
    Reyes,Ephraim ’66- had seen him in few AGC- part of ’66 who plans their own reunion
    15. Torrento,Marlon
    16. Last but not least- Jesus Salvador ” Buddy” Ligot-, class 2003- moved to Missouri 2 years ago from Buffalo. He – was treasurer of our WNY chapter for 2 years, was president-elect and was not able to serve as president because he moved to St.Louis ,MO- past president of the Philippine Psychiatrists in America, Deputy Representative of the Asian American Caucus- to the APA Assembly. I personally asked him to take my place as chair of theChapter and Class Dev. Committee . He’s member of BOG presently.By the way, I noticed he’s not on the list of Missouri Members.
    Just my 2 cents worth of FYI- Norma Calderon Panahon


    Correction to Anita Florendo Jongco’s comment about the “Western New York/Massachusets chapter-”
    Upstate New York(Albany) is the one linked with Massachusetts (New England). Chito Lomotan and I , with input from Jun David, discussed the fear of Albany group that they might just fade away because of the diminishing membership.Dr. Festin had talked with me during our APA(American Psychiatric Association) meetings about the desire of New England to form their own chapter. I suggested to activate ,strengthen their linkage with Upstate New York, instead of forming a separate chapter. The passion , commitment and enthusiasm of the young “Turks” from Boston revived the Upstate NY/New England Chapte Thanks to Fe , Henry and the current officers of that chapter and the Elder Statesmen from Albany who showed that wisdom is derived from knowledge and experience.
    Norma Calderon-Panahon


    I am coordinating with Dr. Thea Patino and Dr. Winston Umali to have a meeting with the Chapter members on the last weekend of March. We will give a report at the Spring BOG meeting. Thank you for your recommendations !

    Buddy Ligot


    Henry Echiverri

    Good luck Buddy, hoping for a good report.

    Henry Echiverri
    BOG Chair

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