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Dr. Jess Socrates

Dr. Jess Socrates



Cell: 717-817-1608

Project Coordination Committee


Members: President SUSAN ECHIVERRI, M.D. President-Elect, Ma Lourdes PUBLICO, M.D.,Immediate past President (ex-officio) JUN DAVID MD,EDWIN PALILEO, M.D. National Treasurer, MARIANO YOGORE, M.D. and HENRY CO, M.D. Chairs of the PEF, GLENN BATILLER, M.D. Medical Missions, FRANCES TOLETE VELCEK, M.D. Post-Graduate Education and Faculty Development, EVELYN TABERRAH-LACUESTA. Research, Silverio Cabellon, Jr., M.D., Enrique Ostrea, M.D.