Summertime and attending the Annual Grand Convention is a must for the UPMASA Faithfuls. This year we are off to Boston, Massachusetts—home to venerable academic institutions and a world-famous marathon—where the UPMASA Upstate New York-New England Chapter is laying down the red carpet with Covid safety precautions.

President Dr. Lourdes Publico gives a State-of-the-UPMASA address. Noteworthy is the article on The PEF Scholarships by Dr. Gregory Tiu, the first of a 3-part series on The UPMASA Scholarships which has expanded its breadth, depth, and complexity through the years. Dr. Leonardo Leonidas calls for the need to create more experts.

As tradition dictates, we focus on the UPCM Golden (Class ’72) and Silver (Class ‘97)   Anniversary celebrants including the UPCM Classes in between them in 5-year intervals.

Inspired by the AGC venue, Dr. Irene Estorres writes about UPMASAns who run.

We welcome you to Dr. Jose Rizal Fonacier’s Chasing the Light show at our brand-new Gallery 20 Plus for the benefit of the Dr. Jacob Matubis Family

We are still deciding on what sections to keep when the UPMASA website and Journal undergoes a major rebuild in the Fall. We hope to keep Spotlight which features UPCM alumni who excel and inspire like Dr. Alexander Drilon and Dr. Victoria L. M. Herrera.

We welcome contributions from UPMASA family members. Maya Gittelman, daughter of Dr. Publico, writes a revealing review for the uninitiated on Ted Lasso.

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, we also face invasions, inflation, disinformation, rising rates of suicide, hunger, mental illness, mass shootings and climate change among others.   These are indeed, “times that try men’s souls”.  It can certainly cast a shadow on this annual celebration.   And yet we gather to appreciate the good UPMASA does for our country, the UP College of Medicine, and our medical community. These “sparks of light” brighten the dark night and kindle hope for better days ahead. 

 The reports from the Finance Committee, Southern California Chapter, the Upstate NY- New England AGC Host Chapter demonstrate the hard work contributed by our fellow alumni.  We see the Medical Science Building and the UP Los Banos Infirmary Extension Project coming to completion.   Momentum is building for Operation Sparkle aimed at propelling education at our College of Medicine to the next level.   We honor our UPMASA awardees for their examples of service and excellence.

 For this issue we are premiering a new logo. We welcome all suggestions to eventually come up with a publication that is meaningful and enjoyable for us all. We also invite new members to the Publications Committee.  We all have our creative gifts and ideas! With the journal going on line, skills for formatting and graphic design are most welcome.  Just being doggedly persistent in requesting articles and sending email reminders to get them helps!


Jennifer Liquido, M.D. Class 1997

Irene Estorres, M.D. Class 1987

Solita de Jesus-O’Brien, M.D. Class 1977

Editors, UPMASA Journal