Dr. Gerardo Legaspi
PGH Director


In my many years of attending the Annual UPMASA Homecoming I can honestly say that this 2022 meeting is the one which I am most looking forward to for so many reasons.  One is that my Class of 1987 is attending in record number to celebrate our 35th year from graduation . Another is that  Boston is one of my most memorable and favorite cities in the United States. Foremost of these reasons though  is the fact that being here this year allows us to feel a breeze of normalcy.  After having held our breaths for more than 2 years, uncertain of  the events that could have  unfolded, wary of the danger that lurked around us,  we are once again  gathered  to personally experience that warmth and camaraderie of kindred souls from our dear Alma Mater.

The Philippine General Hospital was proudly in the forefront of of this war against COVID and has emerged from all the battles even stronger than it was before. Adapting and modifying in every which way needed, it has served more almost 10,000 COVID  patients so far and has in the process shared with other institutions not only  resources but new found knowledge and skills that benefited patients outside of its walls.  Learning , painfully at times, that human resource is still our most important  asset, various interventions towards improving the welfare of not only patients but the healthcare workers themselves have resulted in a more resilient and productive manpower complement. In addition, it has landed PGH in tenth place of the top 15 Best Work Places in the Philippines, ranked by the professional networking group Linked In.  WE are the only government agency and hospital to join the prestigious list , outranking major local and international corporations.

From a personal angle , I am coming to Boston with a reminder to myself not to take life for granted. To celebrate every  victory, no matter how small or great it is. To grab every opportunity to help and  not hesitate to ask for it when you need to. To savor the company of friends and make time for them no matter how inconvenient it may be and as Paulo Coehlo said, to “never regret anything that made you smile.”

With all that , UPMASA here I come! Let the good times roll, again!