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UPMASA and UPLB Class 1971 Care…
 and this gave rise to a unique facility in UP Los Banos

On March 21, 2022 the UP Medical Alumni Society in America (UPMASA) and UPLB Class 1971 officially turned over to the UPLB-University Health Service the completion of the Project: UPLB-UHS Emergency Room Extension Facility. Their respective Presidents, Dr. Lourdes I. Publico, UPMASA and Dr. Rosalina M. Lapitan, UPLB Class 1971 effectively mobilized solicitations from all over the globe to make this project come alive, in record breaking time.

This is a Php 2.2 million project that gave rise to a 5-bed facility equipped with negative pressure. This facility replaced the tents that served as Isolation Emergency Room where COVID cases were attended to during the height of the Pandemic.  The facility had its groundbreaking last January 6, 2022 and in 53 days the project was completed.

The turnover materialized.

The inauguration happened in March 4, 2022 with no less than UP President Atty. Danilo L. Concepcion and the Ambassador of Netherlands Her Excellency Saskia de Lang who graced the ribbon cutting ceremony.


Flashback to Eight Months Ago

In August 2021, the UHS Medical Director Dr. Jessie Imelda Foronda-Walde solicited help from UPMASA through a proposal she submitted to Dr. Arelyne Pacho- Ramos, Co-Chair of the Membership Committee of UPMASA. Dr. Pacho-Ramos is also a member of UPLB Class 1971. The batch are the Jubilarians during the 103rd Loyalty Day of UPLB last October 2021. With these combined efforts of the two organizations, a well-meaning partnership was hatched to answer the cry for help of this little hospital of UPLB.

During this time, at the height of the Delta variant, the UHS was inundated with COVID cases. The UHS became a tent city. The tents served as isolation ER to cohort COVID cases from non-covid cases.

Through day, night, brownouts and typhoons, the tents served as the only “facility” to house patients needing medical and emergency care to prevent cross-infection between COVID and non-COVID cases.

These are the images that tugged at the compassion and care of UPMASA and UPLB Class 1971.


Thanks to UPMASA and UPLB Class 1971, the UHS is a tent city NO MORE. In record breaking time of 8 months since the initial appeal of Dr. Walde, the partnership of the two organizations gave rise to the UHS Emergency Room Extension Facility.

Crafted from a container van, look at how this has been transformed to a decent, dignified, comfortable and safe structure to serve our patients and the frontliners.

Since its inauguration 26 days ago, it has already attended to 120 patients. Although in pain and in all forms of discomfort, the patients are all thankful that there is this facility for them. Relatives and patients are grateful for this donation.

Thank you UPLB Class 1971 and UPMASA for making this happen!



Submitted by:



Jessie Imelda Foronda-Walde, MD.

Medical Director



Finance Committee Report – What happens to YOUR gift to UPMASA

Rachel Espiritu, MD on behalf of the Finance Committee


To name a few – Visiting professors, professorial chairs, and faculty grants. Scholarships for deserving medical and nursing students. Laptops to rural doctors. Travel grants for students. Advancement of medical education through virtual learning software. Medical and Surgical Missions to underserved areas.  Rural surgical program.  Renovation of private rooms in PGH to support indigent patients through Operation Wildfire. Funding of HIV drug-resistant testing kits to fight the HIV epidemic. Repair of children’s congenital heart defects through Operation Braveheart. Disaster relief funds for victims of calamities. COVID-19 PGH assistance to provide necessary tools and equipment during the pandemic and Community Pantry to aid surrounding neighborhoods. UPLB-UHS Infirmary ER extension facility. Auditorium of the new Medical Science Building.

All these and more reflect UPMASA’s unswerving commitment to uphold its mission to provide UPCM and PGH support for its projects and operations, through the voluntary contribution of its members’ time and talents to the organization and the generosity of its donors.  UPMASA has grown into a larger and more complex entity, inevitably requiring considerably more support to fulfill its financial duties and sustain its operations in a productive and efficient manner.


As of March 2022, UPMASA’s assets totaled $11.8M with an outstanding majority of the funds labeled as restricted in both the Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) and National Treasury (NT) designated towards specific projects. To date, there are about 150 sub-funds in the PEF Restricted Funds and about 250 sub-funds in the National Treasury Restricted Funds.  Since most of the donations (and investments) are restricted towards particular projects, these are not (readily) available for use to finance the organization’s operations. 

Almost 40% of the organization’s assets are in unrealized investments, meaning they are not actual money in the bank, therefore can fluctuate every month based on the performance of the economy. Thus UPMASA may be considered “asset rich but cash poor”.  This can be resolved by liquidating some assets.

Total expenses for 2021 were close to $1.6M with less than 10% used for operational and administrative expenses (OAE) mainly taken from NT unrestricted funds.  The main sources of unrestricted funds include interest and dividends, AGC income, membership dues, and others that only covered 45% of last year’s OAE of about $178K.  The Finance and PEF Committees proposed that the PEF set aside funds to help with the OAE.  The BOG approved the motion at the Spring BOG Meeting on April 23, 2022, with the provisions that the PEF Fund initial capital not be touched, and a minimum of 5% still be available for disbursements towards its projects.  Since its inception in 2003, the average rate of return on our PEF investments with Schwab has been 8%. For Fiscal Year 2021, $200,000 was then set aside from the PEF growth income to cover overall OAE.  

With propositions to digitize documents, update membership directory, and upgrade and enhance its website to improve networking, donations, and accounting, supplemental funding is imperative. To achieve this, the BOG approved additional sources of funding, namely (1) setting a 1.5% administrative fee for all donations to the NT; (2) increasing AGC income share of the NT from 30% to 40%; and (3) annual PEF contribution. 

This report is in keeping with our pledge to transparency and responsible financial stewardship to our alumni and benefactors. We call on every UPMASAN to engage other alumni to join our organization and to contribute to its general fund instead of a designated project.  Achieving financial stability will ensure UPMASA’s ability to continue to serve its purpose for the future.


THE Permanent Endowment Fund Scholarships

(Part 1 of a series of 3 on THE UPMASA SCHOLARSHIPS)

by Gregory Tiu MD, Class’77


Of all the UPMASA undertakings, awarding of scholarships is one of the most important and rewarding. When UPMASA helps shape the destiny of a student, it also positively impacts his family and his community for an indeterminate period of time. Its life-changing ripple effect travels far and wide. Since the start of the scholarship program, UPMASA has, throughout the years, awarded a grand total of 945 scholarships, as reported by the Office of the Associate Dean for Faculty and Students of the UP College of Medicine.

One hundred thirty-two thousand dollars ($132,000) for 88 scholarships were awarded by UPMASA for the year 2021-2022 to students chosen by a UP College of Medicine Committee. Each medical student scholar receives a grant of $1500 ($ 750 per semester) plus a laptop. Thirty-four (34) laptops were provided to our medical scholars of the current academic year. There were 3 more scholarships awarded to the UP College of Nursing. A few additional scholarships were given to the UP Virata School of Business, UP High School and UP Population Institute.

Currently there are 91 UPMASA scholars for medicine and nursing students, 86 of which are financed from the Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) for Scholarships and  5 Pass Through scholars whose funding (not self-perpetuating) are from direct contributions by our donors to the national treasury. Of the PEF scholars, the largest number (31) are Emilia Salanga Scholars (ESS).

The names of the scholars for 2021-2022 and their specific benefactors are the following.





Emilia Salanga    31   2026 Aala, Anija Bianca L
    2026 Carles, Cidne Danielle C.
    2026 Encarnacion, Paolo C.
    2026 Janer, Clara D.
    2026 Jingco, John Carl D
    2026 Mejia, Robert L
    2025 Bazar, Karen Kaye T.
    2025 Bruno, Pernelle Pamela M
    2025 Cano, Dare Rosebeam G
    2025 De Guzman, Kgryzza Vien R
    2025 Felipe, Kaye Angelique T
    2025 Gredona, Blaise Joie R
    2025 Hurtado, Kiarra Angeli F
    2025 Mangalino, Khecylin D
    2025 Melendres, Ma. Victoria L
    2025 Nicanor, Christine Therese G
    2025 Rarirap, Leovic H
    2025 Resurrrecion, Pia Isabel
    2025 Tarroza, Angelou Vanessa Z
    2025 Vergara, Carmel Joy F
    2024 Abdulghaffar, Nurul-Izzah G
    2024 Dicali, Ayeena Aleah M
    2024 Miralles, Karissa Alyanna S.
    2024 Suanes, Patricia N
    2024 Villas, Rona T
    2023 Doroja, Nanette B.
    2023 Olotu, Majisola Christin B
    2022 Dalidig, Sherihanne M
    2022 Laroco, Liza Marie Y.
    2022 Mercado, Reuben Mari S
    2022 Remoreras, Eloisa Jean S.


GF/ Dr. Edgardo (Everett) Leonidas 1 2023 Espallardo, Richard Marvin R

GF/ Dr. Enrico Sobong


1 2022 Ramos, Gerald R
GF/Dr. Irineo Echavarre 1 2022 Sambo, Jimuel D

GF/Dr. Conchita Redmon


1 2022 Tronco, James Louie DR
GF/Dr. Southeast Chapter 1 2022 Umipon, Morel Dominic D
GF/ Dr. Sariel Ablaza 1 2022 Naoe, Ena Elizabeth L
GF/Dr.  Cecilia Fabella 1 2022 Pojas, Marielle Joy V
GF/Dr. Jose and Eden Tejero 2 2026 Cometa, Adam Jesson P.
    2022 Rivera, Emmanuel Gabrielle M
GF/Class 69/ Dr. Jesse de Leon 1 2022 Sacman, Nicole Kieth T
GF/Dr. Olegario Ignacio 1 2022 Gulmatico, Ammiel C
GF/Dr. Gil and Lutgarda Vasquez 1 2022 Maldisa, Abdelaziz N
GF/ Class 69 1 2022 Esparagoza, Jan Petros J
GF /Dr. Gumersindo Garcia 1 2026 Pilaspilas, Marc Julien S.
GF/Dr. Ben Sison 1 2022 Yorobe, Jesa lourdes M
GF/Dr. Concordia Ignacio 1 2022 (UPCN) Camua, Federico

Class 1965 in honor of

Dr. Renato Roxas

3 2026 Ghori, Hina Jasmin C.
Class 1965   2023 Zeta, Brexel Ann C
    2022 Salazar, Leandro F
Class 1967 1 2023 Daza, Noreen M
Class 1968  1 2026 Ora, Matthew Aldren S.
Class 1971 1 2025 Bulario, Jamaica S

Class 1975


1 2026 Victoria, Ronneil M.
Class 1979   2 2024 Gutierrez, Christian Tomm A
    2022 Cabrera, Jan Louise DC
Class 1985 1 2025 Barbero, Lara Mari
Dr. Roberto Velasco 2 2026 Diosana, Arthur Conrad IV L.
    2024 Hamoy, Mikha C

Dr. Rolando and Leda Sineneng/ PEACE


1 2026 Ballebas, Trisha M.

Thomas and Concepcion Abello


1 2026 Hufalar, Karl Joseph L
Dr. Ramon Gustillo 1 2022 Olaya, Albert Jason Z

Dr. Gregory Tiu


3 2026 Labordo, John Vincent
    2026 Martin, King Dave M.
    2025 Cantos, Amira Gabriele M
Dr. Valeriano Fugoso III 1 2025 Advincula, Ivy Amor
Drs. Aurora Bartolome & Romeo Miclat 7 2022 Anarna, Glen Aldrix R
    2022 Angobung, Jeram Caesar R
    2022 Baccay, Mary Faith D
    2022 Bagsic, Chryz Angelo Jonathan
    2022 Cabrestante, Nikko H
    2022 Kinomes, Christopher Ryan D
    2022 Enriquez, John Laetner M
Nevada Chapter 1 2025 Cadiz, Jewel Mae S

Nevada Chapter in honor of Dr. Hector Calixto


1 2026 Ramos, Kimberly Mae S.
Chicago-NW Indiana-Milwaukee Chapter 1 2023 Ablong, John Steven D

Southern Illinois-Missouri in honor of Cosme Cagas


1 2025 Bernardo, Bianca F
New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Chapter 1 2022 Cawaing, Anja Bea G
Mu Sigma Phi Foundation 5 2025 Chua, Elijan Pierce
    2025 Gomez, Edward Daniel
    2024 San Juan, Lea Andrei B
    2024 Tan, Anderson Kirk Nigel G
    2022 Ongtauco, Meleeze A
International Phi Lambda Delta ** 2 2024 Abu, Kariza Pamela V
    2022 Masula, Jecelle D
Health Partners LLC 1 2024 Dychiao, Robyn Gayle K
Class 1973 1 2023 Adizas, Arcel V
Phi Kappa Mu International 2 2024 Tiu, Vincent Justin Uy
    2022 Tan, Steven Cuapoco T
Luisita Romero 1 2022 (UPCN) Ayuste, Audrey
Filomena Dalope 1 2022(UPCN) Bautista, Ysabel Nicole Caparas


* GF is an abbreviation for General Fund. Early PEF funding was deposited in the General Fund, in portions or in full by a single or group of individuals in contrast to the current PEF where the full amount required to establish a scholarship is required at the very beginning.

** Phi Lambda Delta 3rd Scholarship is awarded to Beatrice Valera for AY 2022-2023.

 # Michigan Chapter contributed to the first semester scholarship for Mercado Reuben Mari S.


A Primer on the PEF


The Permanent Endowment Fund is an irrevocable donation made possible by generous contributions (currently a minimum of $24,000 per scholar) from individuals, families, UPCM classes, UPMASA chapters, fraternity, and sorority organizations. It is professionally managed and invested. Only a maximum 5-6% of the returns is allowed to be disbursed annually. This policy safeguards the perpetuity of the trust funds. The PEF not only supports scholarship awards for UP College of Medicine but also  scholarships for the UP College of Nursing, Virata School of Business, and a grant for UP High School. It currently supports 25 professorial chairs, 5 faculty grants and 2 PGH fellowships. Additionally, it provides funding for library needs, and UPCM – PGH equipment. It disburses funding for other charitable projects benefiting the college and PGH as designated by the donors themselves. The PEF fund received a major boost with the acceptance of a large bequest by Emilia Salanga MD in the year 2019.  (This non-UPCM student-focused aspect of the PEF Scholarships will be the subject of the second part of our series.  A newly acquired Necita Roa Legacy trust is not part of the PEF and will be discussed in a future article of our series.)  

The PEF committee is headed by Dr. Mariano Yogore III with Dr. Gregory Tiu as co-chair, and Dr. Henry Co and Dr. Eric Flores as members. The committee monitors the investment objectives and returns of the fund.  It also oversees the proper disbursement of the various funds. The funds are disbursed by the office of UPMASA National Treasurer and distributed to the medical students by UPMAF (University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Association).


A PEF Scholar’s Letter

Scholars are always encouraged to write an annual letter of appreciation to their specific donors. Not only does it serve as a positive reinforcement to the donors, but it also provides an update on the scholar’s progress.

The following is an example of a letter written by one scholar which has been appropriately described as both “heartrending and heart-warming”.


Dr. Rolando Sineneng 

University of the Philippines Medical Alumni Society in America 

To my dearest Benefactor,  

I hope this email finds you and your family safe and healthy.  

First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the financial assistance you have provided. Your generosity is an investment that goes beyond finishing my medical studies. It is a great help in the fulfillment of my calling. Thank you so much.  

Currently, I am a Learning Unit III student. It’s still amazing at times that I am now in the second semester knowing the journey I had before I entered medical school. 

I took BS Biochemistry as my undergraduate course at UP Manila. Passing through the PGH Halls during my undergraduate years introduced to me the life of the patients and the medical professionals giving birth to the desire of serving as a medical doctor. After earning my degree last 2018, I decided to apply to medical schools. The financial capacity of my family however restricted my options to state universities. I applied to medical schools last 2018 and 2020 but it was last 2021 that I was given the opportunity to enter as a Learning III student at UPCM.  

Pursuing medical school, however, may pose financial challenges. I come from a family whose primary source of income comes from my father who is working as a janitor during the day and my mother who is selling rice cakes in the market at midnight with my father. While my parents are supportive, I am hoping not to burden them with medical expenses. They are already covering numerous financial responsibilities including the household expenses and the college education for my brother. My parents are also showing the physical manifestations that come from aging, existing health conditions, and years of manual labor.  

Additionally, it was just announced to us in the middle of the semester last November 2021 that our batch will not be included under the CHED Cash Grant. It implies that unlike in the other LUs who are under the said cash grant, the default is for us to pay the full tuition fee. I become a full-time student and my savings from working as a registered chemist prior to entering medical school will not be enough to pay the school fees for five years. That’s why I am grateful that I am accepted into the UPMASA scholarship. Your donation will be used in covering a part of the tuition fee.  

Once again, thank you so much for your generosity and for investing in me. Your willingness to be an instrument of blessing to aspiring medical doctors is inspiring and admirable. I am hoping that one day I will be able to meet you and thank you personally. For now, I’ll give back by persevering in my studies.  

Should you have a need to message me, please feel free to contact me at  xxxx May you and your family continually be blessed! 


Trisha Ballebas 

Learning Unit III student  

UP College of Medicine


Featuring Three UPMASA Salanga Scholars


Anjila Aala
Learning Unit 3
UPMASA Scholar


Hello! I’m Jil, a BS Industrial Pharmacy graduate in UP Manila and now an LU3 student undergoing her 2nd semester. Despite being from a healthcare related course, my LU3 experience was still a challenging transition, especially as I tried to navigate through online classes and the fast-paced flow of lectures and exams. One thing that helped me was to break down everything I had to do into manageable tasks and to go through the week, one day at a time, one task at a time. Another thing I’m grateful for are my LU3 batchmates and the new friendships that have been forged in my first year in medical school. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll be able to work with them as physicians. As of right now, my plan after medical school is to pursue residency, but as to what specialty I’ll choose is something I’ll figure out along the way. I’d like to thank UPMASA for granting me a scholarship, which has been a huge help considering the impact of the pandemic. Your generosity has inspired me to do my best, and ultimately to extend the same generosity in the future, especially to those in need.




Vince Justin Uy Tiu
Class of 2024
UPMASA Scholar


Good day everyone!

I am Vince Justin Uy Tiu from UPCM Class 2024. I am a third generation ethnic Chinese that was born and raised in Manila. My experience as a UPCM student so far is a rollercoaster ride. I was fortunate to have experienced face-to-face classes during our first year but was suddenly thrown into online classes due to the pandemic. It was hard to make sense of the lectures as the only materials available were images and videos. As we return to PGH, I feel excitement as we will get to interact with real patients and learn directly from our senior colleagues. I have not yet decided on a field I want to specialize in, but the first ones that come to my mind would be Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Ophthalmology.

The scholarship enabled my parents to channel all of their efforts into supporting my younger siblings who are studying in college and senior high school respectively. The best that I can do to show my gratitude at this point in time is to be a good medical student and be a good junior colleague. I hope one day I can pay it forward to future students in UPCM.


Karen Kaye Tresballes Bazar
Learning Unit 4
UPMASA Scholar


I’m Karen Kaye Bazar, but my friends call me Kaye. I took up BS Chemistry in UP Diliman and I’m a Registered Chemist. I am from Cagayan de Oro City and I’m a proud Bisaya by heart. I spend most of my free time jogging around the neighborhood, trying out restaurants and cafes in town, journaling, and sharing a cup of coffee with my family on Sunday afternoons.

Being in the UP College of Medicine for two years now, I had my fair share of experiences inside and outside the classroom. In my first year, I co-hosted two events in the UPCM Freshie Orientation Program 2021. I was also lucky to meet my classmates face-to-face and participate in the Learning Enhancement Program in Anatomy last year. Moreover, I’m part of the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority wherein I was able to take part in various service projects and meet my constants in medical school. Lastly, I’m part of the Regionalization Students Organization (RSO) wherein I was able to host a few events and join different activities.

Moving forward, I can’t wait to serve my home province in hopes of aiding the weak, the sick, and the underserved. I know medical school won’t be the easiest years of my life but the guidance from the UPCM community and the utmost support from UPMASA make it a meaningful experience—one that I will be forever grateful for.