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We are doctors graduating from the premier medical school in the Philippines, the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Our membership includes alumni who have trained or worked in North America.

UPMASA also serves as an excellent doorway for the new graduates still planning on seeking training or work in North America for networking and volunteer work.   Need observership?  Need to get apartment, buy your first car, anything you need to get started? Contact us right away so we set you up with a member in your local area.

The true wealth of UPMASA is its members. We are over 2,500 medical practitioners who have trained, are currently serving, or have served in North America. Together we help those who are just starting life in the United States and together we give support to most needed healthcare and education needs  in the Philippines through the Philippine General Hospital and the UP College of Medicine. Join us.

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At the dawn of the 20th century, the UP College of Medicine was established to address the needs of the emerging Filipino nation. Conceived as the Philippine Medical School in 1905, it continues as the country’s premier medical institution: centered on the precepts of science, culture, and empathy; built on a foundation of selfless dedication to the advancement of the Filipino people, maintaining its distinction as the national center for medical learning.

The Philippine Medical School was built in 1905 at the former Malecon Drive (now Bonifacio Drive). In 1910, it was integrated as one of the colleges into the University of the Philippines and was renamed to U.P. College of Medicine and Surgery. The name was later shortened to the University of the Philippines College of Medicine. Its first Dean was Dr. Paul Freer, while Dr. Fernando Calderon, an alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, became the first Filipino Dean of the College.

The Calderon Hall is currently the main building of UP College of Medicine students.

The Fernando Calderon Hall is the main building of UP College of Medicine students. Named after the first Filipino dean of the college, the building was transferred from Bonifacio Drive to its current location in Pedro Gil Street, Manila in 1910.

The Calderon Hall and the University of the Philippines College of Medicine was the only UP unit that was open and functional during the height of the Second World War, to provide medical services needed during that time. After the War, the building was rehabilitated in 1951 under the leadership of Dr. Agerico Sison.

The University of the Philippines Health Sciences Center was established in 1967. The Center was established by law to provide training and research in the various health sciences. It became an autonomous member of the University of the Philippines System in 1979. The Center was further renamed University of the Philippines Manila in 1982. In 1983, U.P. Manila was reorganized to conform to the other autonomous universities of the U.P. System.

Through the years, the UP College of Medicine has been a symbol of hope for the Filipinos in their history as a colonized nation, through two world wars and rehabilitation and as a free people. These years have been marked by the constant struggle against poverty, sickness and even death. In the desire to surmount these problems, the College has continually placed itself at the forefront of medical education, research and service.

The UP College of Medicine sees itself as a community of scholars, competent and socially responsible; possessed of moral, ethical and spiritual vigor; and committed to the development of the Philippine society through excellence and leadership in community-oriented medical education, research and service.

The Philippine General Hospital (PGH)

The PGH is the training hospital of the UPCM. It is the largest government hospital administered by the university, and is designated as the National University Hospital. It is also the biggest hospital in the country having over 1500 beds. Most notably, it caters to thousands of indigent patients monthly.


Members of UPMASA are products of the prestigious UPCM and PGH. They have received further training in North America, and most are still in training or are currently working in the US and Canada. UPMASA also has members who have gone back to serve the Philippines both in rural and urban settings. To them, UPMASA serves as a home away from home. A welcoming family of doctors they once shared dreams, tears, and hope with.

Ready To Volunteer?

UPMASA is proud of its members who run the organization as volunteers. All our officers and Board of Governors are volunteers. Our programs are run by volunteers. We welcome people who want to serve. Volunteer today.