The UPMASA Journal online edition, after being dormant for about a year, is coming back to life. The Publications Committee with Dr. Irene Mison-Estores as Chair, Dr. Jennifer Liquido, Dr. Henry Ty and I as members; and Dr. Zenda Lat as adviser had high hopes for a grand resurrection but was at first stumped, largely due to lack of time and experience, by where and how to begin. For assistance we had a meeting with Dr. Henry Ty, the Man — Neurosurgeon at that—behind our UPMASA website. We were at a loss coming up with substance until President Lourdes Publico, MD, MPH sent an email blast requesting articles from members. It is a measure of her presidential popularity and charm that our problem of coming up with content was immediately supplanted by the problem of organizing a wealth of write-ups into a journal that is an easy, informative, and entertaining read.

We eventually classified our hoard into the following sections: Messages from the Offices of the President and Chancellor; Messages from the UPMASA President and the Presidents’ Circle; UPCM  updates including the Dean’s Report, The Medical Science building, Golden and Silver jubilarians, Legacy and Giving, Future of Medical Education, and Students’ Notes; Features of UPMASA Chapters;  Spotlight on two outstanding UPMASAns (there are so many qualified to be featured in this section that we request your patience while waiting for your turn) and UPMASAns being honored by other organizations; UPMASA Events in Pictures (AGCs Past and Future, Vaccination Drive Participation); Projects including Scholarships, Research and others; Arts and Health ( We have a number of gifted writers, poets, artists, and photographers among us; and surely enough the Arts are tightly intertwined with Health); The Inbox/Outbox which includes Letters to the Editor and the Publication Committee’s Replies; Editorial, and In Memoriam to remember our members who have reached the final destination ahead of us . PGH News will keep us up to date with our primary clinical training grounds. These adequately cover an inclusive cross section of the UPMASA community, members and leaders alike, actively participating in different stages of the UPMASA journey. (We encourage contributions from members in these sections. Kindly send them to us in Word Document (.docx) with photos in jpeg at publications@upmasa.org.  We will consider all submissions 6 weeks before publication. Our next edition will come out in July 2022.) We aim to make the journal relevant to you.

Although constrained by the pandemic, UPMASA did not miss a step in its activities like the successful Annual Grand Convention in Cleveland, Ohio; Projects in support of the fight against Covid 19, and Scholarship grants —among others— in 2021. UPMASA marches forward into the new year with goals of achieving its purposes of service and sharing with stepped-up vigor and vitality in the coming year. As our President points out, 2022 will be the year of the Tiger. Not only will UPMASA do better in the year to come, it will also roar!

The Journal will chronicle it all.

Safe Holidays to Everyone!

Solita de Jesus-O’Brien, MD, Class’77