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Hi Dr Estores,

Glad to have this discussion. I think the length limit depends on what the aim of the journal is, or what you want it to be. For the UPMASA updates that Dr Maritel Costales wonderfully does for the NJ/NY/Conn Chapter, a word limit is ideal. Those are meant to be quick reads, and she does this as well as I’ve seen anybody do it. For the main Journal, I am not too sure. An update on a class, sure; 400 words are enough, to talk about get togethers and the like. For a Class History of the Golden Jubilarians that they may want to share with their co-UPCM alumni, no. For someone writing a meaningful article about some segment of UPCM history, also no. I regularly get the UPenn (postgraduate alumnus) and Rutgers (emeritus faculty) magazines; I used to get the Johns Hopkins (donor) one too; I would like to think that those are what you want the main UPMASA Journal to be somewhat similar to, even if only partially. Right now, with the word limit, I see it as being consigned to a fate not befitting UPCM alumni.

Please don’t take anything I say personally. I hope that we all view this as a healthy exchange of ideas on what the Journal should aspire to be.

Ted Santiago MD

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On Nov 19, 2021, at 8:38 AM, wrote:

Dr. Santiago,

Thanks for your previous contributions to the journal.

I agree that cost is no longer an issue with online journals, but readability is. I contribute to CLOSLER (Closer to Osler), one of the online journals of the Hopkins School of Medicine, and the editors specify that our contributions be 5-minute reads. With an explosion of information from various sources, our time and attention are precious resources. This is the main reason for setting a word count.  

We are already in the process of formatting the December issue but we look forward to your contribution for the July issue.  We will highlight contributions from the celebrating classes!

On behalf of the Publications Committee,

Irene Mison-Estores MD

Class 1987



 Dear UPMASAns,

The UPMASA Journal is at the service of UPMASAns. It is a place where we hope we can meet, share experiences, accomplishments, hopes, and various goals. It will only thrive if you as members will join us in this effort by sending us your valuable submissions.

For the purposes of gathering the materials sent to us by email, we kindly request you to send them in WORD Document (.docx) and the pictures in JPEG.  We cannot touch articles in noneditable formats like pdf’s, html and others. And again, please try to keep them within the 400-word limit. When necessary, we reserve the right—after thoughtful deliberation— to stray away from this rule. But aside from the readability issue, we would like to give as many members as possible the opportunity to have their write-ups published. We request you to send your submissions to, and jengliquido@gmail not later than June 1, 2022 for the July, 2022 issue. News of extreme importance will however be considered after the deadline.

Please help us make our work easier.

Thank you so much.

Respectfully yours,

Solita de Jesus-O’Brien MD

Class 1977

Editor, UPMASA Journal