Report on the Mars Custodio HIV Memorial Fund Project—October, 2018

At the summer meting of the NJNYCT Chapter, it was recommended and approved that we add HIV to the title of the project in order to be more descriptive and specific of its mission. It was also approved to be taken on as the chapter’s pet project.

Total Donations received to date————————————————-$19,775

Amount remitted to Dr. Edsel Salvana —————————————–$12,000

Balance———————————————————————————$  7,775

Amount  to be raised to reach goal———————————————– $  5,225


Goal is to raise at least $25,000 every year. The initial project is to fund resistance kits for treatment naïve patients with HIV in  PGH. This could possibly expand to all  HIV patients, budget permitting,  because of the high incidence of drug resistance in the Philippines.

Thank you to the individuals and chapters who have donated. I am appealing to the other chapters to also open up your coffers for this important project so we can reach our goal.

In April, 2019, the NJNYCT Chapter will be hosting the Spring BOG Meeting and we will have a CME program on HIV with Dr. Edsel Salvana as one of the speakers. Please plan on arriving by Friday afternoon, 4/26.


Submitted by

Anita Ortega-Jongco, MD, Chair

Members: Geraldine Gomez Pinder, MD

Jose David MD