PGH Director and Public Affairs Director Honored


Dr. Gerardo D. Legaspi, Director of Philippine General Hospital was honored with the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award while Dr. Jose Jonas D. Del Rosario, Medical Specialist 111, Coordinator for Public Affairs was given the Dangal ng Bayan Award. The Awards, part of the Civil Service Commission’s Honor Awards Program (HAP) are the highest and most coveted recognition given by the government to individual or group of individuals who have excelled or shown utmost dedication and commitment to public service.

Informal Tribute from Colleagues:

Gap (Dr. Gerardo D. Legaspi) is a classmate also and since med school days, has been such a steady presence in our class. He is also one of the coolest guys we can always rely on to provide us with fantastic jazz sounds on the saxophone and the flute! And from being able to navigate the training he got from the NSS “gods” like Dra. Posoncuy to his mentorship of up-and-coming neurosurgeons…and his administrative acumen to run a huge government hospital. Gap has always picked up his cell when I call to refer a patient to PGH, despite his very busy schedule! Amazing and commendable… is Gap!

Jonas (Dr. Jose Jonas D. Del Rosario) with Operation Braveheart and his comedy trio—when hosting UPMAS events—has also been a humble and nice guy since med school…a few years younger than us. And his dedication to the COVID response in PGH despite the heartbreaking loss of both his parents to the disease while he himself got sick of…shows what his character is.

PGH is so lucky to have Gap and Jonas as part of the team that had to maneuver many unprecedented hardships during this COVID pandemic. Their service to the Filipino people is tremendous and for that we are eternally grateful!

Bravo Gap & Jonas! Mabuhay! More power and cheers!!!

Annabel Villanueva Salacata UPCM ‘87


In case you have not heard about this extraordinary feat yet— Two PGH officials were honored with the highest national awards recently. There were many nominees. Months of scrutiny were involved before the final selection was made. The awards granted to Dr. Gap Legaspi and Dr. Jonas del Rosario were well deserved.

 I feel like I am part of the award. I was interviewed by the Civil Service Commission for almost an hour regarding Jonas. Then, I was asked to submit a video endorsing him. Really feel good about being involved in this. All because of Operation Braveheart. The other candidates were from different professions, but the two UP-PGH doctors stood out.

—Jess Socrates, MD Coordinator Operation Braveheart