Class 83 (MSB Elevator Project)


Class 83 members here and abroad during a class reunion during the AGC 2021 in Cleveland,after discussion with other alumni, decided to sponsor 1 of the 4 elevators of the soon to be constructed Medical Science Building at the UP College of Medicine.  This elevator will reach up to the 11th floor.  This is their call to raise the P5 million pledge.  Please donate now.   This will come in multiples of $100.  If you wish to donate $1000, change quantity to 10.


Class 83 here and abroad is sponsoring one of the 4 elevators (that can reach the top 11th floor) in the soon to be completed Medical Science Building.  Friends and members can donate in multiples of $100 (example, for a $500 donation, change quantity to 5).  Please donate now, it is for a good cause.