Title of Project: Protection for UP Los Banos Infirmary Frontliners and Patients against Covid-19

Goals: To help purchase necessary equipment to ensure the safety of the UPLB Infirmary frontliners as well as prevent suspected Covid-19 patients from cross infecting other patients. These frontliners protection equipment include acrylic shield barriers to be used in the emergency room, consultation rooms, standing thermometers at strategic areas of the hospital, Personal Protection Equipment and powered air purifying respiratory system to prevent cross infection of Covid-19 with non-Covid-19 patients.  There is a need for a separate ER in the form of equipped 2-20 converted vans.

Project Summary:
UPLB Chancellor Camacho recently sent an appeal for two urgent projects- “Shield of Protection for the Frontliners” and “Patient Protection from Cross Infection” to UPLB Alumni Class ‘71 of which I am a member. Class ‘71 is this year’s Golden Jubilarians of UPLB and we have started calling other UPLB alumni for help. As of August 6,2021, the Philippines is again in ECQ and since there is a great sense of urgency in quelling Covid-19 and protecting our healthcare workers, I am asking UPMASA’s assistance to purchase this equipment on behalf of Chancellor Camacho and Infirmary Director Jessie Walde.

1. Expenses for this project will be incurred if mailing solicitation letters and supporting documents. This can be minimized by utilizing email. Approximate budget will be $1,000.
2. Income
a) A direct appeal Fundraising income for the UPLB Infirmary Frontliners protection is aimed at P1M as I am hopeful that we will raise the remaining P495,000 from our local alumni.
b) A direct appeal to National UPMASA is made for 2-20 feet converted vans since the tent set up for a temporary Emergency Room for Covid-19 patients was blown away in a recent typhoon. Cost of the 2 converted vans plus equipment inside like hospital beds, defibrillator, etc. will be P2.25M (or $45,000)

Total Cost of Covid-19 Project:  P1.495M (See Schedule A )  +  P2.250M (See Schedule B) = P3.745M (Total)

Schedule A (P1.495 Million)

Video Laryngoscope 2 P250,000 each x 2 P500,000
Acrylic shields 15 P15,000 per unit x 15 P225,000
Infra-red Thermometer with sensor driven alcohol dispenser 10 P7,000 per unit x 10 P70,000
Tents 2 P50,000 per tent x 2 P100,000
P40,000 per air condition unit x 2 P80,000
Air Purifier with HEPA Filter 2 P60,00 per unit x 2 P120,000
PPE Cabinets with Lock 20 P5,000 per unit including lock P100,000
PPE PAPR System Powered Air Purifying Respirator 15 P20,000 each x 15 P300,000

Schedule B (P2.250 Million)

Container van fabricated as Emergency Room retrofitted to ensure good air exchange with exhaust fans and air conditioning unit 2 P1,600,000
Hospital beds 2 P100,000
Defibrillator 1 P200,000
Cardiac Monitor 1 P250,000
Swabbing Booth 2 P100,000

Administrator of Funds in the Philippines: Raymundo Almario, Treasurer of Class 71
Name of direct recipient of funds (beneficiary):
UP Los Banos Alumni Association
USD Account Name-UPLBAA;
PNB UPLB account Number 246460028491
Swift code PNB MPH MM
Name of Donor: National UPMASA and its membership and US based UP Los Banos Alumni
Amount of Contribution: Any amount would be appreciated.

If UPMASA can donate wholly towards the purchase of two converted vans plus contents for a sturdier Emergency Room for Covid patients, we will place UPMASA name and logo on the van.

I am inspired to ask help from UPMASA after President Lou PUBLICO announced her intention to form linkages with other UP Units. As an organization whose commitment is to provide healthcare assistance, UPMASA will be extending a helping hand to the cause of UPLB -University Health system Frontliners and their patients now.

Arelyne B. Pacho-Ramos BS ‘71, MD’76
Chair, Finance, Ways and Means Committee
UPLB Class 1971

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