Dear UPMASA SE Chapter Members:

I am reaching out to you as the current UPMASA SE Acting President and Incoming President for 2021-2023. I have to admit our chapter has been less active the couple of years. It is time now to be re-energized and reactivated, so I am reminding you of our next ZOOM meeting on May 6, 2021, Sunday at 1 pm Eastern time. A Zoom link will be emailed to you. I would love to see all of you participate. As soon as it is safe, a face to face meeting will be organized.

I also want to share with you information about the 2021 AGC that will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on June 30 to July 4, 2021. The event hotel is the Ritz Carlton. I encourage your attendance whether in person or online. (The event will also be available virtually.). To make hotel reservations, call 1-888-236-2427. (Refer to the UPMASA Grand Convention to get the special group rate of $169 per night).

Information shared during our recent Zoom meeting on February 21, 2021 included:

1. UPMASA has hired a full time Executive Director, Pearl Ontalan.
2. Lifetime Membership has been eliminated to comply with current accounting regulations. Lifetime members prior to December 31, 2021 have been grandfathered and remain lifetime members. The annual membership fee is $100.
3. Donations to UPMASA by the late Dr. Emilia Salanga of NY ($2 million for medical students scholarships) and the late Dr. Necita Roa of MO ($1.8 million) were recognized.
4. The Suicide Prevention Tool kit was presented by Cecile Bregman who spearheaded the project. You can access this tool kit through the website.
5. Plans are in motion to establish a PGH in Diliman, QC and there have also been discussions of a PGH in Mindanao (likely Davao) and Los Banos, Laguna.
6. Guia Razon Palma was elected UPMASA SE Secretary for 2021-2023.

Our chapter has decided to launch a pioneering project: funding medical research at the UP College of Medicine. This requires a PEF donation of $30,000 with 5% of the principal ($1500) being released each year to fund said research project. In support of this proposed project which hopefully will see fruition this year, we are soliciting donations from UPMASA SE members. Said donation is tax deductible and will support medical student research at the UP College of Medicine. It is my hope that you will enthusiastically support this very worthwhile endeavor with a $100 (or more) donation.

When I think about how privileged I was to finish medical school at UP, I cannot help but feel very grateful. I remember all we had to pay at that time was 1000 pesos p[er semester for tuition. Compare that to what my daughter had to pay when she went through medical school in the US!

I will start off this fundraising by making a $200 donation to UPMASA. I hope many of you will be led to follow. This is a tax deductible donation, so you are rewarded twice – having the satisfaction of helping UPCM and the benefit of a tax deductible donation.

I hope to see all of you at our next ZOOM meeting. We need your energy and participation.

At your service,

Irma May Fernandez de Leon, ‘80
Acting President, UPMASA SE

Attachment: 2021 AGC Brochure


For PEF Fund to support Medical Student Research at the UP College of Medicine


Last Name:
First Name:
UPCM Class:
E-Mail address:
Home Mailing Address:
Telephone #
Home: _________________________________________________
Cell: ___________________________________________________
Work: __________________________________________________

Donation Amount $______________________________________

Please make out check to UPMASA and on the Memo section, write UPMASA SE 2021 Spring Fundraising

Mail check to: DR. ED PALILEO
(UPMASA National Treasurer)
2304 Kossuth Street
Lafayette, Indiana. 47904

Thank you for your support of UPMASA and UPMASA SE.

Sincerely yours,

Irma May Fernandez de Leon UPCM ‘80
Acting President and Incoming President 2021-2023

ADDENDUM: Please provide a copy of your completed donation form to our chapter treasurer Dr. Eric Flores for accounting purposes.
By mail: 3078 Eastland Blvd. #A205, Clearwater, FL. 33761
My e-mail: