The COVID 19: PGH Assistance experience – How a Disaster Relief Fundraising starts

How it starts:   PCC Grant FORM filled up along with a statement of Goals.   (Form in Website under Grant Application, upload supporting documents). The Form includes a signature from a designated administrator of the money on the recipient side before funds can be released (see below) 

(When UPMASA responds to a disaster, the Executive Committee meets to make decisions. Any member of the Executive Committee can instigate the initial PCC FORM with a full understanding that an expedited approval will take place.  The limiting factor is the designation of a fund administrator who will take responsibility for reporting back to UPMASA, the outcome, and accounting of funds)

FUND Collection Process:

  1. From Individual or donor groups

                        Website —-(click) DONATE —–(click) Disaster Relief—-(select)COVID 19: PGH Assistance


                       Send Checks to UPMASA c/o Treasurer Dr. Edwin Palileo

                                    2304 Kossuth St, Lafayette, IN 47904. 


     2. Chapters & Class FUNDS (if Classes with funds held through UPMASA want to contribute towards a FUND Raising)

           a.  Communicate with Finance Committee intention to donate (considered contribution) to the COVID 19: PGH Assistance Fund-raising

            b.  National Treasurer transfers the amount to the COVID 19: PGH Assistance

            c.  Amount deducted in the Chapter or Class Coffers

            This process does not require a PCC Grant form filled. No need to send a check to the National Treasurer


  1. UPMASA transfers the amount raised to our PNB-PGH branch bank account in Taft Ave., Manila. Dr. Gap Legaspi, current PGH Director is the sole authorized signatory to the account in the Philippines.
  2. In the contract agreed upon for this project, Margarita Lat- Luna, M.D. of Class 1993 has been designated as the Administrator of this project back home. She also holds office as Deputy Director of PGH Fiscal Services under the PGH Director.
    1. She will be responsible for reporting to the UPMASA, the accounting of funds we donate to this project. Invoices and Sales Receipts will be handed to Dr. Legaspi to write out a check.
    2. These documents will be forwarded to us when the liquidation report is submitted once the project is completed or when requesting additional funding.


The goals and purpose of the project as stated in the contract are the following:

1. To help in the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE) for all the health workers in PGH & other medical clinics manned by UPCM alumni in the Philippines. 

2.  To help purchase patient drug testing kits for the coronavirus. 

3.  To assist in the management of treating the disease from spreading and carrying out the tasks necessary to implement the treatment goals. (This would include transportation & lodging expenses for the healthcare workers, setting-up lab equipment for the testing, etc.)