UPMASA –  March 30, 2020

I am proud to announce that the Executive Committee of the UPMASA has agreed to provide financial support to the development of a prototype adult ventilator. This adult ventilator will be a modified version of the OstreaVent. The infant ventilator was invented by an UPMASAn, Dr. Enrique Ostrea and his group of Filipino engineers. The project was supported by the Breath of Life Foundation which is a not for profit organization.    

The Dean of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, Dr. Charlotte Chiong had asked Dr. Ostrea recently about the possibility of producing adult ventilators.   She specifically asked him to think of modifying the OstreaVent model.  The aim was to produce adult ventilators as soon as possible.  This is in line with possible needs due to the present pandemic.  Dr. Ostrea agreed to Dr. Chiong’s request and his team has started work on this modification.  

Dr. Silverio Cabellon Jr. brought a proposal to UPMASA which asked the provision of financial support to Dr. Ostrea’s team in this project.  Dr. Ostrea advised the Executive Committee that the timeline is not well-defined yet.  What is certain is that the OstreaVent model and mechanism have been studied well enough in clinical trials and have been found to be safe, effective and durable in its use in real patients. 

The Executive committee voted on a telephone meeting, March 28, 2020, to allow the UPMASA to donate $10,000.00 to Dr. Ostrea’s project of producing an Adult ventilator prototype based on the OstreaVent model.  The money will come from the Unrestricted Funds of UPMASA.  

This is a one-time donation for the development of this prototype.  Should it prove to be as effective, the group felt that there will always be a need for the production of a cheaper and reliable Filipino-made adult OstreaVent.  The UPMASA will welcome any financial support for this goal.  Dr. Ostrea holds the ventilator patent under his own and separate not for profit foundation registered both in the United States and in the Philippines and is allowing its use in this endeavor.

Our gratitude to all UPMASAns who share our mission of philanthropy.  Please stay safe.

Susan Echiverri MD
President, UPMASA